Sanlight EVO 3-60, 190W and 520 µmol/s

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  • Sanlight EVO 3-60: Lighting for a grow box measuring 60x60cm
  • 190 watts peak power: Maximum efficiency for lush plant growth
  • Three-dimensional secondary optics: Minimal light loss, maximum illumination
  • Passive cooling: Optimal temperature regulation for longevity
  • Latest chip technology: Robust, efficient, with a broad spectrum of light
  • Flexible daisy chaining: Customizable system adaptation for any need
  • IP65 protected: Dust and waterproof, ideal for high humidity
  • Over 90,000 operating hours: Long-lasting, reliable performance of the light

  • Model EVO 3-60

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Product image of Sanlight EVO 3-80 LED grow light: This efficient lighting solution offers a high output of 190 watts, ideal for a 60x60cm growtent.
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Sanlight EVO 3-60: Lighting for a 60x60cm Grow Box

As gardeners, we know that light is the lifeblood for plants. If you want to provide your green paradise with lighting, then let's talk about the Sanlight EVO 3-60.

Peak Performance Meets Quality

The Sanlight EVO 3-60 represents the pinnacle of evolution in LED plant lighting. SANlight has once again proven itself as the leading brand for LED plant lighting. With 190 watts of power, the latest OSRAM UX3 LED chips, and Seoul Semiconductor's patented WICOP technology, this lamp from the SANlight EVO series is undoubtedly the ultimate in plant lighting.

Crystal Clear Protection and Efficient Light Direction

The Sanlight EVO 3-60 features sophisticated three-dimensional secondary optics that capture more than 95% of all photons and direct them straight to your plants. This reduces light losses and protects the LED from contamination. It's easy to clean the material with a damp cloth, ensuring that your lamp remains in top condition.

Passive Cooling for Longevity

The luminaire has a massive, passively cooling aluminum heat sink. This technology allows the lamp to operate efficiently and quietly while maximizing its lifespan. It's a worry-free solution for any gardener.

Best Efficiency and Robust Chip Technology

Thanks to the latest chip technology, the Sanlight EVO 3-60 achieves a module efficiency of over 3 µmol/s with a white, broad-spectrum output. The mid-power LED chips are particularly robust and protected against environmental influences with a titanium oxide coating. You'll have a lamp that serves you for over 90,000 hours.

Flexible Daisy Chaining with the SANlight EVO Series

The SANlight lamp does not come with a connecting cable, allowing you to customize your system according to your needs. All connecting cables are dust and jet water protected (IP65), making the Sanlight EVO 3-60 perfect for use even in high humidity conditions.

Technical Specifications of the Sanlight EVO 3-60

  • 190-watt LED luminaire with full spectrum
  • Efficiency: >3 µmol/J
  • Total output: 520 µmol/s
  • Illumination area: 60 x 60 cm
  • Applications: Indoor greenhouse and room
  • Waterproof and dustproof: IP65
  • Operating hours: 90,000 hours with 90% light output
  • Dimmable: with dimmer (not included)
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
  • Dimensions: 468 x 291 x 116 mm
  • Passive cooling
  • Warranty: 3 years

The package includes the Sanlight EVO 3-60 - 190-watt LED luminaire (without power supply and dimmer).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the recommended illumination area for the Sanlight EVO 3-60?

Sanlight recommends the EVO 3-60 for a 60x60cm cultivation area. With its broad spectrum and high light intensity, your plants will be optimally supplied in this area.

Is the Sanlight EVO 3-60 dimmable?

Yes, the Sanlight EVO 3-60 is dimmable. However, a separately available dimmer is required for this.

Is the lamp protected against environmental influences?

The Sanlight EVO 3-60 LED is marked with protection class IP65. This means that the LED is protected against dust ingress and water jets from any direction.

What type of cable is needed for the lamp?

The lamp is delivered without a cable. You need a separate Sanlight power cable to connect it. The new LED grow lamps are compatible with the cables of the SANlight Q series.

Whether you are a hobby gardener or a professional, the Sanlight EVO 3-60 will impress you with its performance and durability. Give your plants the light they deserve.

What are the Recommended Illumination Areas for SANlight LEDs?

Each model in the series is optimized for a specific cultivation area suitable for the most common grow box sizes.

The SANlight EVO 3 series with 190 watts of power offers three LED modules. The EVO 3-60 is recommended for a small grow box of 60x60cm, while the EVO 3-80 is ideal for an 80x80cm grow box. For larger areas, especially for a 100x100cm grow box, two EVO 3-100 lights provide the perfect lighting.

In the 250-watt SANlight EVO 4 series, the models EVO 4-80, EVO 4-100, and EVO 4-120 are available. The EVO 4-80 is optimized for the intense illumination of an 80x80cm area. When using two lights, the EVO 4-100 and EVO 4-120 models are perfect for illuminating 100x100cm and 120x120cm areas, respectively.

The SANlight EVO 5 series with 320 watts covers the largest areas. Two EVO 5-100 lights can ideally illuminate a 100x100cm grow box. Two EVO 5-120 and two EVO 5-150 models are ideal for lighting 120x120cm and 150x150cm grow boxes, respectively.

Overall, the power spectrum of SANlight LEDs is impressive, and by using a dimmer, the light intensity can be individually adjusted for each luminaire.

Recommendation for grow tent sizes EVO series

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