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  • SANlight EVO: The plant whisperer among LED grow lights
  • Passively cooled: SANlight EVO, quieter than a refrigerator.
  • 90,000 hours of performance: SANlight EVO, the marathon runner among lights.
  • IP65 certification: The submarine captain in your garden.
  • Daisy Chain and Dimmer Option: Personalized light show for your plants!

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sanlight evo led lighting
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Sanlight EVO Series stands for maximum flexibility and high system efficiency of LEDs

With the SANlight EVO Series, SANlight presents its latest development for among the LED plant lamps. Each SANlight EVO model is designed for a specific lighting area and ensures homogeneous light distribution while providing high light intensity in your grow box. This ensures that no leaf of your plants remains underexposed, and growers can upgrade their lighting with an additional LED at any time.

  • SANlight EVO 3 series has 190 watts and 520 µmol/s
  • SANlight EVO 4 series has 250 watts and 696 µmol/s
  • SANlight EVO 5 series has 320 watts and 870 µmol/s

You can adjust the different heights of your plants by individually adjusting the height of your EVO-LED. This is another significant advantage of the SANlight EVO Series over LED lamps that consist of a single large unit.

What SANlight EVO models are available?

Depending on the grow box, SANlight has developed different models. These models differ in the number and spacing of their LED modules. This guarantees optimal light distribution and the highest PPFD values. Here is a list of all SANlight EVO models with the recommended lighting area by SANlight.

Grow box 60x60cm:

  • 1x SANlight EVO 3-60

Grow box 80x80cm:

  • 1x SANlight EVO 3-80
  • 1x SANlight EVO 4-80 (with CO2 enrichment)

Grow box 100x100cm:

  • 2x SANlight EVO 3-100
  • 2x SANlight EVO 4-100 (better light distribution than with SANlight EVO 3-100)
  • 2x SANlight EVO 5-100 (with CO2 enrichment)

Grow box 120x120cm:

  • 2x SANlight EVO 4-120
  • 2x SANlight EVO 5-120 (with CO2 enrichment)

Grow box 150x150cm:

  • 2x SANlight EVO 5-150

Product Information about the SANlight EVO Series

  • Efficiency:  >3 µmol/J
  • Applications: Grow boxes, vertical farming, and commercial grow rooms
  • Waterproof and dustproof: IP65
  • Operating hours: 90,000 hours with 90% light output remaining
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Passive cooling
  • Warranty: 3 years

Illuminate your plant kingdom with a SANlight EVO!

Tired of watching your plants grow in dullness? Get rid of the boring light bulb and immerse your plants in full-spectrum light from the SANlight EVO Series!

Light Shield Against Contamination

Your plants deserve the best! With the SANlight EVO Series, they no longer have to fight for every photon. The protective cover of the LED chips captures more than 95% of all photons and ensures that the light goes exactly where it's needed – to your plants! No more lost light and a contamination shield that's easy to clean!

Whisper-Quiet Cooling

Tired of buzzing lamps? The passive cooling of the SANlight EVO ensures that your lamp operates without the annoying noises of fans. SANlight relies on massive, passively cooling aluminum heatsinks that work so quietly you'll hardly notice them!

Energy Bundle with Endurance

The SANlight EVO combines the power of the latest OSRAM UX3 technology with the robust WICOP technology from Seoul Semiconductor. This results in an efficiency of more than 3µmol/s and it lasts longer than any other lamp. We're talking about 90,000 hours – that's more than a decade, day and night!

Maximum Flexibility with Daisy Chain

Want the light exactly where you need it? No problem thanks to the  Daisy Chain option. The EVO Series comes without connection cables, so you can tailor the system to your needs. And the best part: All connection cables are dust and splash-proof. Your SANlight EVO won't leave you out in the rain!

FAQ - Questions? Here are the answers!

How do I clean my SANlight EVO?

Simply wipe it with a damp, clean cloth, and you're done!

How quiet is the SANlight EVO really?

As quiet as a leaf in the wind. Thanks to passive cooling, you won't hear any annoying buzzing.

Does the SANlight EVO really last that long?

With over 90,000 hours of brightness, it lasts longer than your favorite Netflix series. After that, it still retains 90% of its light output.

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