SANlight EVO 6-150 | LED Grow Light | 400 Watt | 1090 µmol/s

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  • Sanlight EVO 5-120: Lighting for a 120x120cm grow box (with 2x EVO 5-120 lights)
  • 320 watt peak power: Maximum efficiency for lush plant growth
  • Three-dimensional secondary optics: Minimal light loss, maximum illumination
  • Passive cooling: Optimal temperature regulation for longevity
  • Latest chip technology: Robust, efficient, with a broad spectrum of light
  • Flexible daisy chaining: Customized system adaptation for every need
  • IP65 protected: Dust and waterproof, ideal for high humidity
  • Still 90% power after over 90,000 operating hours
  • Sanlight Evo 5-120: expandable modularly at any time
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Sanlight EVO 6-150 LED Grow Lampe: Diese effiziente LED-Beleuchtung bietet eine Leistung von 400 Watt und 2 sind ideal für eine 150x150cm Growbox.
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SANlight EVO 6-150 1.5: New LED chips, more power, same efficiency!

We have good news! SANlight has performed an update on all models of the EVO series. This includes the incorporation of the latest generation of LEDs, increasing the performance of all SANlight LEDs without affecting efficiency.

Two Sanlight Evo 6-150:

  • optimally illuminate a 150x150cm cultivation area
  • have a total photon flux density of 2180 µmol/s at 800 Watts
  • Together with the SANlight EVO dimmers (Bluetooth or M-Dimmer) you can adjust the light intensity according to the growth stage of your plants.

Peak Performance

The new SANlight EVO 6-150 1.5 was developed to meet the growing demand for a more powerful and efficient lighting solution for projects of any kind. It has the same length as the EVO 5-150 model but with a higher power density. With the latest OSRAM UX3 LED chips and the patented WICOP technology from Seoul Semiconductor, this LED grow lamp of the SANlight EVO series is certainly the ultimate in plant lighting.

Technical data of the SANlight EVO 6-150 1.5

  • Typical power consumption: 400 Watts
  • Light spectrum: Broadband
  • Efficiency: > 3 µmol/J
  • PPF in the emission wavelength range (photon flux density): 1090 µmol/s
  • Optimal illumination by 2x EVO 6-150 1.5: 150x150 cm
  • Applications: Growbox, Grow room and Supplementary lighting in the greenhouse
  • Protection class: IP65 (Waterproof and dust protected)
  • Operating hours: after 90,000 hours still 90% light output
    • Note from Dirk: Just let this number sink in for a moment. To put it in perspective: If you have the SANlight Evo 6-150 switched on every day for 12 hours, then after over 20 years it still has 90% of its overall performance. That's what I call durable! :-)
  • Dimmable: Yes, with the SANlight EVO dimmers
  • Weight: 7.5 kg
  • Dimensions: 131.8x29.1x11.2 cm
  • Passive cooling
  • Warranty: 3 years

Data sheet EVO series 1.5

Instruction manual EVO-Series 1.5

Brochure EVO-Series (German)

Brochure EVO-Series

EC-declaration of conformity

Manufacturer: SANlight
SKU: sa-evo6150-15
GTIN: 9120069232479
Fläche (LxB)‍: 150x150cm (2,25 m²)
Geeignet für‍: Home GrowIndoor Grow
Item weight‍: 7,50 kg



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