LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights: The best choice for your plant cultivation

Increase your yield with our high-quality LED grow lights! With full spectrum LED lighting, you can bring the power of the sun directly into your grow box and let your plants grow healthy and strong. Utilize the advantages of state-of-the-art lighting technology and discover how easy it can be to get your plants to grow with a grow light.

Modern LED grow lights like those from SANlight or Greenception produce not only higher yields with low power consumption, but also a better terpene profile. LED grow lights can therefore save costs in the long term and increase the quality and quantity of the harvest.

For plants, an as balanced light spectrum as possible is optimal. This can be easily achieved with an LED grow light. Depending on the material used for the semiconductors of the LED chips, different wavelengths and thus different light colors can be generated and combined. Therefore, even with an LED grow light, light can be realized that covers the entire wavelength range for photosynthesis. With the artificially generated sunlight of an LED grow light, you can also quickly ripen plants in the winter. Our full spectrum LED grow lights are suitable for both growth and flowering phase. So you can use the same LED for all growth phases, unlike HPS lamps. LED grow lights are also superior to HPS lamps in terms of dimmability. The light intensity can be easily adjusted with LED dimmers.

Another advantage of LED grow lights is their durability. High-quality LED grow lights still have 90% of their original light output (LM90 value) even after 50,000 operating hours and thus last much longer than HPS lamps. The continuous development of LED chip technology will certainly soon provide even more efficient LED grow lights.

  • LED grow lights are more energy-efficient than traditional lighting options
  • LED grow lights produce less heat than HPS lights, reducing the risk of damage to your plants
  • LED grow lights offer a balanced light spectrum that is optimal for photosynthesis
  • LED grow lights have a long lifespan and need to be replaced less frequently
  • LED grow lights are better dimmable than HPS lights
  • LED grow lights are suitable for all stages of plant growth and do not need to be changed between different growth phases.

What Light Spectrum Do Plants Need?

Plants need a light spectrum between 380 and 760 nm wavelength for photosynthesis. Good LED grow lights should contain both the short-wave and long-wave components of the light spectrum.

  • Blue light in the wavelength range of about 450 nm mainly stimulates leaf growth.
  • Red light in the wavelength range of about 700 nm promotes flower formation and fruit development.

The wavelengths between 490 and 620 nm are not only poorly absorbed by the chlorophyll of the plants, but are largely reflected. Since the human eye perceives these wavelengths as green, they are referred to as the green gap. The least effective for photosynthesis are the wavelengths beyond the visible spectrum.

The term full spectrum often causes confusion. In the context of LED grow lights, full spectrum refers to the range of light that can be photosynthetically utilized by plants. This spectrum is often referred to as full spectrum, but is considered misleading by many, as only the sun provides true full spectrum light in the entire range from ultraviolet to infrared.

How long should a LED grow light be turned on?

You can control whether your plants grow or bloom by adjusting the lighting duration of your LED grow light.

  • During growth, 18 hours of light per day is optimal.
  • For the initiation of flowering, 12 hours of light per day is sufficient. The shorter lighting duration simulates the decreasing day length in late summer and fall.

What should you look for when buying a LED grow light?

When buying a LED, pay attention to the following specifications:

  • PAR: photosynthetically active radiation; the light spectrum of the LED that plants can use for photosynthesis.
  • PPF: photosynthetic photon flux; the amount of light produced by a LED per second in the PAR range.
  • PPFD: photosynthetic photon flux density; the amount of light in the PAR range that actually reaches the plant.

You can adjust the PPFD value to match the increasing light needs of your plants using a dimmer. This is typically:

  • 100 to 300 µmol/m2/s during root development,
  • 300 to 500 µmol/m2/s during growth and
  • over 600 µmol/m2/s during flowering.

A positive side effect of dimming your LED lighting is the reduced heat generation of your lamps. Another advantage of dimming is the uniform light distribution during all growth phases, without the need to change the optimal distance between the LED grow lamp and the plant. And last but not least, your LED grow lamp should be easy to use (plug & play) and come from a reputable provider such as SANlight, Greenception, Lumatek or hortiONE.

What are the best LED grow lamps?

Which LED grow lamps are the best for you depends on your requirements and budget. For example, you should use different LED grow lamps for square grow boxes than for a rectangular grow box. We generally recommend the SANlight and the grow lamps from hortiONE for rectangular growing areas. The LED grow lamps from hortiONE from Austria always impress us with their great price-performance ratio.

Advantages and special features of our brands:

  • SANlight: reputable market leader, designed for rectangular and square lighting, easy upgrading by adding additional SANlight LED grow lamps on the same area, magnet and Bluetooth dimmer.
  • Lumatek: globally known brand, optimized for square areas, dimmable, included dimmer with Pro LEDs.
  • hortiOne: young, innovative company, perfect for rectangular and square growing areas, very good price-performance ratio, optimized flowering spectrum with increased red light content, flat and thus well suited for multi-level cultivation, button and Bluetooth dimmer.
  • Maxibright: reputable brand, square lighting, included dimmer with Pro LEDs.
  • Greenception: for rectangular and square areas, full spectrum, 2 dimmers already pre-installed

The prices of our LED grow lamps depend on various factors, such as the size of the LED grow lamp, the number and quality of the LED chips, and the construction. For example, SANlight LED grow lamps are typically more expensive than hortiONE lights, as a particularly efficient aluminum housing is used for better cooling performance. Lumatek LED grow lamps are also available in different sizes and price ranges and offer excellent performance for square growing areas. It is important to note that higher prices do not always mean that the LED grow lamp is of better quality. Instead, you should look at the specific features and properties of the LED grow lamp to ensure that the LED is suitable for your needs.

Disposal of LED grow lamps

Please do not dispose of grow lamps with LED technology via household waste. LED grow lamps contain valuable electronic components, such as diodes and semiconductors, that are recyclable. Look for a collection point in your area (e.g. recycling centers).

Why should you buy your LED grow lamps here in our grow shop?

Homegrowing is our passion! We have long-term experience in the grow shop area and are happy to help you with our expertise. Buying your LED grow lamp from us is beneficial,

  1. because you will receive competent advice on LED grow lamps.
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Are you convinced by our efficient LED grow lamps for your plant cultivation? Then take a look at our grow shop! We only sell top-quality brand products that are optimally tailored to the light needs of plants. Trust in our expertise and let your favorite plants grow with the best LED grow lamps from us.