Aqua Master Tools Buffer Solution EC 12.88 mS/cm 100 ml

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  • Calibration solution with an EC value of 12.88 mS/cm
  • Traceable to NIST standard
  • Calibration of EC measuring devices
  • Ensuring precise EC value measurement of nutrient solutions
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Buffer Solution EC 12.88 mS/cm (25 °C) - Calibration Solution for Your EC Meter

In hydroponic plant cultivation, monitoring the electrical conductivity (EC value) of your nutrient solution is crucial. The EC value provides information about the amount of dissolved salts in the nutrient solution, which in turn affects the growth and development of your plants. To measure the EC value of nutrient solutions, EC meters like the E50 Pro EC Meter from Aqua Master Tools are used. An essential requirement for accurate EC measurement is the proper calibration of the EC probe using a calibration solution. For this purpose, the EC probe is immersed in the buffer solution, and the display is set to the EC value of 12.88 mS/cm. This ensures that the meter accurately displays the EC value.

Buffer Solution EC 12.88 as Calibration Fluid

With an electrical conductivity of 12.88 mS/cm at 25 °C, it is suitable for calibrating EC probes to a known EC value. This enables precise measurement of the EC value of the nutrient solution and, consequently, correct monitoring of the growth process of your plants.

Precautions When Using Buffer Solution EC 12.88

It is important to note that Buffer Solution EC 12.88 contains a chemical compound and can become unusable if mishandled. For example, it is advisable to seal the bottle immediately after use and store it at room temperature. After use, the bottle should be sealed immediately, and the buffer solution should not be returned to the container, preventing contamination of the solution.

NIST Standard

Due to its traceable conformity to the NIST standard (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and its suitability for calibrating EC meters, it can be ensured that the measurements are precise and reliable.

  • 15 (°C): 10.48 mS/cm
  • 20 (°C): 11.67 mS/cm
  • 21 (°C): 11.91 mS/cm
  • 22  (°C): 12.15 mS/cm
  • 23 (°C): 12.39 mS/cm
  • 24 (°C): 12.64 mS/cm
  • 25 (°C): 12.88 mS/cm
  • 26 (°C): 13.13 mS/cm
  • 27 (°C): 13.37 mS/cm
  • 28 (°C): 13.62 mS/cm
  • 29 (°C): 13.87 mS/cm
  • 30 (°C): 14.12 mS/cm

Included in the Package:

  • 1x Buffer Solution EC 12.88, 100 ml
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