Propagation boxes - the ideal solution for plant propagation

Do you have cuttings, seedlings or young plants that you would like to propagate, but no space outside? Then our propagation boxes, also known as propagators, are exactly what you need! Propagation boxes are special grow boxes that are suitable for indoor use and provide your plants with a protected and controlled growth environment.

Propagation boxes - the benefits at a glance

Propagation boxes are smaller than normal grow boxes and therefore fit easily in your apartment. Of course, we also have larger models of propagators.

Climate control
The cover of the propagation boxes ensures that your plants always have the right temperature and humidity. It also keeps pests away.

Optimal lighting
We have the appropriate lighting to support the growth of your plants.

Ventilation slots
Propagation boxes have ventilation slots so that your plants get enough oxygen and do not have to grow too close together.

Propagation boxes - the ideal choice for cuttings and young plants

Propagation boxes are particularly suitable for the propagation of cuttings and young plants as they provide a protected and controlled growth environment. You can also use them for seed cultivation, as they support the germination of seeds and reduce the likelihood of pests and diseases.

Propagation boxes are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to propagate plants but has no outdoor space. Small grow boxes provide your plants with a protected and controlled growth environment and come in different sizes so that you have enough space for each of your plants.