Who is Drehandel?

Our founder and managing director Dirk Rehahn has been a passionate gardener since his early youth and also his professional path has always been closely related to the topic of "plants".

In 1995 he worked in a grow store, he developed and built NFT flow tables, organized bus tours from Heidelberg to the first hemp parades to Berlin, was co-founder of the Hanfjournal (2001) as well as the German Hemp Association (2002) with Georg Wurth, worked for large fertilizer manufacturers as well as participated in the start and success of "Homebox". He has worked with Jorge Cervantes and Shantibaba and has planned, built and operated many professional indoor grow rooms.

He launched Drehandel GmbH in 2011 as "Drehahn" and changed its name to Drehandel GmbH in 2013. Drehandel imports and trades garden and greenhouse technology, gardening accessories and grow supplies. Until May 2022, Drehandel GmbH was a pure wholesale company. As the exclusive importer of Garden Highpro, Rhino Pro filters, Root Pouches and hortiONE LED lights, it has built up a loyal customer base over the years. Drehandel's product range is constantly being developed. Since May 2022, Drehandel GmbH has also opened its online doors to end customers.