Grow fertilizer - nutrient supplier for your plants

Plants need nutrients to grow healthy and strong. One way to provide your plants with these nutrients is to use Grow fertilizer. We offer various types of fertilizers to optimize the growth of your plants.

Types of growth fertilizers

There are different concepts for Grow fertilizer, such as mineral and organic fertilizers. In addition, there are those containing beneficial microorganisms, such as the products from BioTabs.

  1. Mineral Grow fertilizer: This consists of synthetically produced nutrients and can directly provide your plants with the required nutrients.
  2. Organic Grow fertilizer: This is produced from natural raw materials such as plant waste, manure, or compost and contains not only nutrients but also beneficial microorganisms that support the growth of your plants. Organic Grow fertilizer is particularly suitable for soil, as it improves its structure and promotes humus formation.

Beneficial microorganisms - the perfect complement to organic Grow fertilizer

In addition to nutrients, organic fertilizer also contains beneficial microorganisms that can support the growth of your plants and improve the soil. BioTabs and Terra Aquatica use such microorganisms in some of their products.

What are beneficial microorganisms?

Beneficial microorganisms are small organisms that are widespread in nature and can promote plant growth and health. They can, for example, combat harmful fungi, promote root development, or improve the soil.

One genus of microorganisms that is particularly common in organic fertilizer is Trichoderma. These fungi are widespread in nature and feed on dead plant debris. However, they can also be present in organic fertilizer and are very beneficial for plants as they combat harmful fungi and promote root development.

How do beneficial microorganisms affect plant growth?

Beneficial microorganisms can promote plant growth in various ways. For example, they can support root development by improving the availability of nutrients. They can also combat harmful fungi and thus support plant growth. Improving the soil structure through beneficial microorganisms can also promote plant growth.

How often should I apply Grow fertilizer?


To always provide your plants with optimal nutrition, it is important to regularly apply the grow fertilizer according to the feeding schedule. How often you should apply the fertilizer depends on the type of your plants and the fertilizer itself. Follow the instructions on the package for the right dosage.

Use the growth fertilizer as needed

Whether your plants need more or less growth fertilizer depends on various factors, such as the age of the plants, the location conditions, and the growth stage. Observe your plants closely and decide whether they need more or less fertilizer.