Fabric Pots & Planters

Fabric Pots - Eco-friendly "Pot" for Growing Plants

Fabric pots, also known as root pots or plant bags, are an eco-friendly alternative to conventional clay or plastic pots. We also offer hydroponically operated pots in our range.

Why are fabric pots a good choice?

Fabric pots are a new innovation and are increasingly seen in gardens, balconies, and even large-scale production facilities. Fabric pots are sustainable because they are made entirely or partially from recycled materials. Our fabric pots are suitable for indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse cultivation. They can be reused and even buried in the ground. When you take a break, you can save space by washing the pots and folding them up.

The biggest advantage for your plants lies in the optimal ventilation of the root zone, as excess drainage water always drains off immediately after watering, and the pot can dry evenly from all sides. Overwatering is the main mistake of many hobby gardeners, which is largely avoided with our fabric pots. This ensures healthy and rapid root and plant growth. Overwatering is now a thing of the past!

In addition, fabric pots promote inward root growth and prevent root circling. Edge roots dry out in the air, which extremely promotes the branching of the root network. This creates a healthy root system right in the substrate. That is exactly where the nutrients can be absorbed by the fine roots.

Which pot size is the right one?

Every plant needs its suitable pot! Keep in mind that the pot volume is directly related to the yield. So the larger the root system, the larger the plant!

At the beginning, you have to answer the question of whether you want to grow your plants indoors or outdoors. Plants that grow with plenty of space can and should become very large. Accordingly, the pot volume should be large. We have found that outdoor plants are often grown by gardeners in fabric pots of 22 liters or larger. If you opt for indoor cultivation, it depends on the area of your grow box. For small grow tents under 1 m², fabric pots around 8 liters are often used. Larger grow tents are usually equipped with 12-liter pots.

Professional gardeners who take plant propagation into their own hands work with mother plants. These can achieve extreme growth from 20 liters of root volume. The cuttings can be rooted in 1-liter Root Pouch fabric pots and then repotted. We recommend germinating and growing seeds in the 1-liter planting bag and letting them grow.

More and more gardeners are opting for automatic flowering plants. These thrive best when you germinate and grow them directly in 12 to 22-liter fabric pots, so as not to disturb the growth period by transplanting.

Fabric pots from Root Pouch and Garden Highpro - two leading brands for fabric pots

Root Pouch and Garden Highpro are two TOP brand manufacturers for fabric pots, offering high-quality products. Root Pouch planting bags are made from recycled material and are biodegradable, making them an environmentally friendly choice for growing plants. GHP Propot fabric pots are made from robust, durable material but are somewhat more affordable as they do not incorporate natural fibers like the Root Pouches into the fabric.

Fabric pots and their advantages

Fabric pots offer a number of advantages over traditional clay or plastic pots:

  1. Lightweight and portable: Fabric pots are lightweight and easy to transport, making them ideal for use on balconies and terraces. Fabric pots also take up little space, making them ideal for people with limited space for growing plants.
  2. Breathable: Fabric pots are breathable, meaning they allow air and moisture to pass through better than traditional pots. This can help the roots of plants breathe and grow more effectively.
  3. Versatile: Fabric pots are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, making them ideal for growing plants of any size.
  4. Easy to maintain: Fabric pots are easy to maintain and do not require any special care measures. These pots are also washable, making them hygienic and durable.
  5. Eco-friendly: Fabric pots made from recycled material are biodegradable and thus an environmentally friendly choice for growing plants.