Calcium Magnesium | Additive 500ml

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  • Nutrient supplement from Terra Aquatica
  • Calcium-Magnesium Mix
  • Optimally bioavailable and highly concentrated
  • Application: Soil, Coco & Hydro

    • Volumen 500 ml

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    Calcium Magnesium | Additive 500ml
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    High availability of calcium and magnesium is crucial for the optimal nutrition of fast-growing plants. It prevents secondary nutrient deficiencies, supports growth and fruit formation, and prevents blossom end rot and tip burn in particularly productive species such as tomatoes and lettuce.

    The highly concentrated Terra Aquatica Calcium-Magnesium supplement provides both elements in a bioavailable, pure, and soluble form, ensuring no risk of clogging drippers. It can be combined with almost all plant nutrients.

    When growing in coconut fiber substrate or rehydrating coconut blocks, the Terra Aquatica Calcium-Magnesium supplement also prevents calcium from being "sequestered" by the coconut fiber.

    Application of Calcium-Magnesium

    Caution: Do not use together with Terra Aquatica formulations for soft water, DualPart Coco, or NovaMax—they already contain sufficient calcium, even when the water is filtered by reverse osmosis.

    Terra Aquatica coconut fiber products are systematically rinsed and stabilized, allowing them to be planted immediately after unpacking.

    In all other cases:

    • For most applications, including organic farming and demanding species, use 1.5 ml per liter.
    • When using reverse osmosis before adding the nutrient solution, add 2 ml per liter to the water.
    • When growing in coconut fiber, soilless or soil-based ready-to-use substrate mixes, or hydrating coconut blocks, use 1.5 ml per liter to moisten the medium (until saturation), and then add the same amount to the nutrient solution in the following two weeks. For fast-growing annual species, continuous application can be helpful.

    Calcium-Magnesium is suitable for

    Fertilizers from other manufacturers, hydroponics, and outdoor gardens.
    Pro Organic in the required quantities when growing in coconut fiber, especially when using fertilizers from other manufacturers.

    Package Contents

    • 1x Calcium-Magnesium Supplement 500ml

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