SANlight LED - Growlamps for your grow box and large cultivation trees

SANlight LEDs are designed modularly and come with an impressive light spectrum. Whether it's a 40-plant grow tent or a production facility with hundreds of lights per cultivation room, SANlight has the perfect solution for you. The Austrian company specializes in the production of innovative and high-performance LED grow lamps and relies on modularity, as well as the latest technology and high-quality materials in the development of its products.

Dirk's Story with SANlight LEDs

Before SANlight LEDs, there were many companies that touted their LED lights with big promises. But none of them lived up to it. It was the M30 from SANlight that delivered on what was promised. I was impressed and have been accompanying SANlight in my growth ever since. Martin Anker, the founder of SANlight, is a passionate grower himself, just like us. And that is evident. SANlight has been testing and growing with the right plants from the very beginning, starting at a hobby level before the company was founded. But nowadays, in SANlight's headquarters, tests are constantly carried out at a high scientific level. Through these professional tests and with the company's own production facility in Switzerland, SANlight continuously gathers more knowledge to further optimize its products.
That impresses me a lot, and you can see it in many details of the products.
One of the biggest advantages of SANlight is the high quality and sustainability of the LED grow lamps. SANlight produces its LED lamps in compliance with the highest standards and places great emphasis on long lifespan and energy efficiency. Compared to conventional sodium vapor lamps, SANlight LEDs consume significantly less electricity, making them environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.
At first, I only sold SANlight as a wholesaler and quickly became the top-selling wholesaler and a close partner of SANlight. Since mid-2022, we have been selling SANlight LEDs to end customers, consumers and vaporizer users, growers, and hobby gardeners.

SANlight EVO Series - the Future of LED Lighting for Plants

As a manufacturer of LED lamps for plant cultivation, SANlight presents the latest evolution of their product range with the EVO Series. Through years of in-house and external research, SANlight LED has combined the best technologies to offer you maximum flexibility, highest efficiency, and long-lasting LED grow lamps.

High Efficiency and Protection for your SANlight EVO LED

The SANlight EVO Series offers an advanced efficiency of more than 3µmol/J at the module level. Through optimized protection and light directing technology (=> secondary optics), the SANlight LEDs achieve an incredibly homogeneous illumination with the best light intensity (PPFD). This optics simultaneously protects the LEDs from environmental influences and ensures a constant light output over many years. Even after more than 20 years of daily 12-hour operation, the luminaire still retains 90% of its performance.

Precision Technology in your SANlight EVO LED

SANlight has chosen the latest OSRAM High Power LED chips for red and far-red LED chips and the patented WICOP technology from Seoul Semiconductor for white LEDs. These LEDs are particularly robust and efficient.

Ready-to-Dim your SANlight EVO LED

Every model in the EVO Series is dimmable, allowing for perfect customization to your plant's needs. With the help of the SANlight Bluetooth Dimmer, you can even control multiple SANlight EVO LEDs simultaneously through an app on your mobile phone and adapt them to your plant's requirements. This allows you to easily adjust the light intensity, simulate sunrise, and set the duration of lighting. You can also adjust the lighting intensity of your SANlight LED to suit your plant's needs. Young plants do not require as much light as large, fully blooming plants. And in the process, you'll save a significant amount of electricity.

Energy Efficiency of your SANlight EVO LED

The EVO Series is not only efficient in terms of light intensity and plant development but also in terms of energy consumption. By using high-quality components and advanced technologies, SANlight can offer you lower energy consumption compared to traditional HPS lamps. This not only means lower electricity costs for you but also contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the environment.

Reliability of your SANlight EVO LED

The EVO Series is designed for the daily challenges in plant cultivation. With the use of high-quality materials and careful manufacturing, the LEDs are durable and reliable. SANlight provides an extensive warranty on their products, ensuring that your investment in the EVO Series is truly long-lasting.

The SANlight FLEX II Series

The SANlight FLEX II Series is a compact and powerful LED lighting solution that is perfect for a variety of applications.

The revised light spectrum

The revised light spectrum of the SANlight FLEX II Series is extremely broad and features a balanced FarRed/Red ratio. This not only accelerates root growth in cuttings but also promotes strong growth in the initial phase of plant life. Additionally, it is also excellent for illuminating various indoor plants.

Cooling and protection class

Thanks to the generously designed passive cooling, the LED remains pleasantly cool during operation. Due to the high IP68 protection class, the SANlight FLEX II is particularly robust and can be used in hard-to-reach areas. This allows you to significantly improve the quantity and quality of your harvest.

Multilayer systems and installation of SANlight FLEX II

In multilayer systems, the wide and homogeneous radiation characteristic of the SANlight FLEX II ensures perfect light distribution even at short distances between the light source and the plant tip. The small overall height reduces the space requirements for each level. To simplify installation, multiple lights can be powered by a common LED driver. The available connection cable in three different lengths allows the lights to be directly connected to each other.

The SANlight FLEX II LEDs are an extremely flexible system suitable, for example, for seedling, cutting, and young plant cultivation, as well as side lighting and indoor plants.

Why buy a SANlight LED?

  • SANlight is one of the pioneers in the field of LED lighting and has become a leading provider over time.
  • The company offers a wide range of products that includes LED grow lights for indoor cultivation and various other applications.
  • SANlight LED grow lights are known for their long lifespan, excellent energy efficiency, and low heat generation.
  • SANlight also provides extensive accessories to offer the perfect LED lighting solution for customers' needs.
  • SANlight offers a 3-year warranty on its LED grow lights.
  • Made in Austria

FAQs / Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "magnetic dimmer"? How does it work?

The SANlight magnetic dimmer is an optional manual dimmer. It is attached to the front end of the SANlight LED. One dimmer is required per light