FinalPart | Final Bloom Fertilizer 60L

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  • Special fertilizer from Terra Aquatica
  • Final bloom fertilizer with stimulating effect
  • Application: Soil, Coco & Hydro

  • Volumen 60 L (auf Anfrage)

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FinalPart | Final Bloom Fertilizer 60L
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Special fertilizer for the final flowering weeks by Terra Aquatica

As an industry-recognized solution for the end flowering stage, FinalPart is a bestseller for a successful harvest!

FinalPart is a complete bloom booster, providing plants with all the necessary nutrients and stimulation during the final flowering stage. It promotes flower formation and increases the production of active ingredients while reducing fertilizer excess.

FinalPart works in three ways:

  • It signals to the plant that it has reached the end of its life cycle, triggering an acceleration of the ripening process.
  • It stimulates the plant to strengthen its natural defense mechanisms and increase the production of essential oils and active substances.
  • It provides the plants with all the required mineral nutrients in an easily absorbable form, supports the breakdown of excess nitrates or trace elements, and enhances the taste.
  • As a stimulant, FinalPart can be used at any time to control or support the maturation process, as well as at the end of the flowering and fruiting phase to increase yields or improve the flavor of annual flowers and fruit plants.

In outdoor gardens, FinalPart offers the opportunity to advance the harvest to avoid losses due to damp and cold weather. In indoor settings, it helps plants or varieties that have developed more slowly to catch up. In cases of severe fungal or insect infestation, the end-stage fertilizer can contribute to damage limitation by accelerating the natural cycle, preventing the harvest from being completely lost.

Application of FinalPart

  • Hydroponics: Replace the depleted nutrient solution with pH-adjusted water and add 5 ml of FinalPart per liter, considering your previous EC value (up to 2.6). Mix well. Run the system for approximately 10 days, then switch to FlashClean to optimize your upcoming harvest.
  • Soil cultivation: Mix up to 4 ml of FinalPart per liter of pH-adjusted water to achieve or slightly exceed the previous EC value (up to 2.0). Apply until the leaves yellow or ripening is optimal. This process may take between 10 and 20 days. Finish with FlashClean or harvest directly.
  • Professional growers use FinalPart to increase the concentration of active substances or reduce fruit splitting before harvest: Target EC 2.6 in hydroponics and target EC 2.0 in soil.

FinalPart is suitable for

  • After using Terra Aquatica fertilizers or fertilizers from other brands: Never administer FinalPart simultaneously with another fertilizer!
  • FlashClean maximizes the potential of FinalPart. If nitrogen or other salts have been washed out of the substrate, FinalPart efficiently mobilizes nitrates and enhances the taste of the final product. Instead of flushing with water for 10 days, administer FlashClean for 2 days at the end. Commercial growers worldwide follow this practice, saving a whole 8 days!

Package Contents

  • 1x FinalPart 60L

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