Grow Genius Silicon Fertilizer (40% MSA) 10 ml

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  • Volumen  10 ml mit Pipette

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Grow Genius Silizium Dünger 10 ml für pflanzen (40% MSA
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40% Mono Silicic Acid - Silicon Fertilizer

Ultra-fast acting silicon fertilizer suitable for all plants in all environments. It improves nutrient utilization efficiency and plant tolerance to abiotic stress.

  • pH-neutral
  • extremely low heavy metal concentration
  • readily available
  • stable
  • long-lasting effect
  • integrated surfactant
  • 40 times the concentration of conventional products
  • Free from unnecessary NPK, molybdenum, or boron
  • No clogged pumps
  • No dirty tanks
  • Not based on potassium silicate

Note: Silicon is very difficult to make available to plants. All silicon (Si) products are designed to deliver silicon to your plants in the only bioavailable form that exists: monosilicic acid (MSA). Grow Genius 40% MSA silicon fertilizer delivers exactly that – in the most concentrated, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way currently available!

  • Unique: 40% strength (0.03 ml/L in solution)
  • Unique: Ultra-low heavy metal concentration
  • Unique: 7-day slow release
  • Unique: no precipitation, no loss of active ingredient
  • Unique: pH-neutral & biodegradable

Grow Genius silicon fertilizer enhances natural growth and resistance for larger, healthier plants with increased resistance to:

  • Powdery mildew, Botrytis, black spot disease, and other fungal pathogens.
  • Thrips, mites, aphids, and other biting and piercing pests.
  • Heat stress, water stress, and strong winds / damage from pruning.
  • Toxicity from heavy metals and other unwanted elements in the soil.

Never used a silicon product before?

It's simple: Bioavailable silicon is missing from all modern, otherwise optimized fertilizers. By adding silicon fertilizer, you'll get significantly larger, more robust plants and improved heat, pathogen, and pest resistance. The earlier silicon is used, the better. Try it out; the difference is enormous!

Already using a leading silicon product?

Simple calculation: 100 ml of Grow Genius silicon fertilizer is equivalent to 4 liters of leading brands - but without their drawbacks. You'll save a lot of money, have fewer tank problems, and achieve guaranteed better results with Grow Genius, the pH-neutral 40% mono silicic acid.

Application of Grow Genius Silicon Fertilizer

For strength and yield increases, faster growth, and stress resistance

  • Weekly application at 0.3 ml per 10 liters of water or together with the nutrient solution.
  • Handwatering / through an irrigation system.
  • Apply from seed germination or cutting propagation to a few weeks before harvest.

To build defense against pests, mold, and other fungal pathogens

  • Apply as a foliar spray every two weeks at 0.5 ml per liter of water.
  • Use from germination/propagation to shortly before harvest for fruit, vegetables, salads, herbs, and cut flowers.
  • For species with dense or compact flowers, discontinue foliar application at the beginning of the flowering period, especially indoors or in cold or humid weather.
  • Do not spray under full light, in strong sunlight, or at temperatures above 30°C.

Biological Application

Grow Genius monosilicic acid (MSA) is not a registered biological product, but it is compatible with mycorrhizal and bacteria-friendly cultivation techniques at the recommended application rates by us. Silicon is not harmful to most beneficial microorganisms, and small amounts of ethanol are digestible by many soil bacteria and fungi. Most importantly, the net addition of silicon to the soil due to the high concentration of monosilicate is tiny: only 0.03 ml/L in solution. That's the advantage of treating trace elements as they should be: like vitamins and not like food.

Monosilicic acid (also known as orthosilicic acid and silicic acid) has a strong effect at very low doses, which means less effort and better results for your plants overall.


  • Seal the container immediately after use: ethanol evaporates quickly!
  • Ensure no water or dirt enters the container: Grow Genius silicon fertilizer will repolymerize upon contact. Use a pipette or other suitable tool to measure the required amount (pipette included with the 10ml size).
  • Contains ethanol and silicon: safe for plants when used as intended, but not for direct contact with humans: do not ingest, inhale, or allow contact with eyes/skin.
  • Always avoid inhaling the spray mist of this or any other garden product: wear appropriate mask, eye, and hand protection when working with garden chemicals.
  • For detailed handling and safety information, refer to the product packaging and safety data sheet.

For more information, visit:

Environmental Contribution

  • Increases yield per unit applied and reduces the need for fungicides and pesticides.
  • Ultra-concentrated: Drastically reduces shipping weight, volume, and packaging.
  • Made in the United Kingdom with silicon from Scotland, minimizing product miles.
  • Readily biodegradable: 95% within 28 days (Method: OECD Test Guideline 301F).

Yield of Grow Genius Silicon Fertilizer

  • 10 ml: yields 333L of solution or 20L of foliar spray
  • 100 ml: yields 3,333L of solution or 200L of foliar spray
  • 250 ml: yields 8,333L of solution or 500L of foliar spray
  • 500 ml: yields 16,666L of solution or 1,000L of foliar spray
  • and so on

Package Contents

  • 1x Grow Genius 40% Mono Silicic Acid 10 ml
  • 1x Pipette


Monokieselsäure (MSA) Silizium Dünger von Grow Genius


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