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Aeroponik Systems

Aeroponics at a High Level!

We are delighted to accompany you into the world of Aeroponik Systems products. As a dealer of these innovative systems, we are proud to introduce you to a flexible and cost-effective solution for modern plant cultivation.

Flexible Solutions for Every Need

From Basic to Master Systems, we offer aeroponic systems that are suitable for every grow box. These aeroponic irrigation systems are designed to be easy to operate even for hobby gardeners. These systems are characterized by easy handling and thoughtful details.

Revolutionary Substrate-Free Plant Cultivation

Our aeroponic plant system completely avoids any medium and thus eliminates follow-up costs. The root zone is watered via a circulating nutrient solution, providing the plant roots with optimal oxygen and nutrient supply. This leads to accelerated growth and increased yield.

All Advantages at a Glance

  • Expandable and compatible with most pre-installations
  • Fast and clean repotting
  • Larger root zones for more nutrient uptake
  • Visible root chambers for root zone control
  • Precise control of fertilizer components
  • Economical and reusable
  • Suitable for amateurs and professionals
  • Easy and fast assembly and installation
  • Accelerated plant growth
  • Maintenance-free after installation
  • No algae growth
  • UV-resistant, light-transmitting materials
  • Robust, durable and made of resistant plastic
  • No weed danger and prevention of root diseases
  • Quick ripening of flower heads and vegetables

Aero Grow Dansk Table and Aero Grow Table: Innovative Aeroponic Systems

Aero Grow Dansk Table S, M, L, XL: The Fully Automatic Rectangular Aeroponic System

With the Aero Grow Dansk Table from Aeroponic Systems, you get a complete aeroponic system for up to 32 plants, making it easy to start aeroponic gardening. Simply assemble the set, insert your plants, and you're ready to go.

By avoiding substrates, the Aero Grow Dansk Table allows you to work much cleaner and more hygienic than with soil or coconut fiber-based cultivation techniques. The system is space-saving and easy to handle, so you can fully focus on pH value, EC value, and plant care.

The Aero Grow Dansk Table is available in two versions:
V1 (with neoprene ring) and V2 (without neoprene ring). These two versions offer different planting options and provide advantages for various applications.

Aero Grow Table XS, S, M, L: Fully Automatic Square Aeroponic System

The Aero Grow Table from Aeroponic Systems is a fully automatic aeroponic system for up to 16 plants, making it easy to start substrate-free growing. With everything you need for assembly, this system is perfect for beginners and experienced gardeners alike.

The Aero Grow Table includes Aero Grow 19 (with or without neoprene ring), a matching Garland plant tray, a bolted, galvanized plant rack, and a nutrient tank. Once the system is set up, all you need to do is plant your plants and fill the nutrient tank to begin.

The "Aero Grow Table" is ideal for anyone who wants to get the best out of their plants. Benefit from an advanced cultivation method that results in faster growth, higher yields, and healthier plants. Dive into the world of aeroponics and experience the difference!

The Aero Grow Table is also available in two versions:
V1 (with neoprene ring) and V2 (without neoprene ring). These two versions offer different planting options and provide advantages for various applications.

Aero Grow 19: Efficient Gardening with Aeroponic Root Spray Pots

The Aero Grow 19 is an aeroponic root spray pot that revolutionizes gardening. With its two versions, one with a plant ring in the lid (V1) and one without a plant ring in the lid (V2), it provides a quick and easy solution for growing plants in a nutrient-rich mist instead of in soil.

Aero Grow 19 allows for faster plant growth and increases the number of harvests per year. The 3-liter capacity of the pot ensures healthy growth for your plants, while the two versions are optimized for various applications and planting methods.

Version 1 (V1) is ideal for use with aerooponically grown cuttings and seedlings, such as those from the HydroCloner27 by Terra Aquatica. Version 2 (V2) is suitable for use with cuttings and seedlings grown in rockwool or Eazy Plugs.

FAQ on Aeroponics: Everything You Need to Know

Is a 3-liter pot volume sufficient for aeroponic systems?

Absolutely! A pot volume of 3 liters per plant is sufficient in aeroponic systems, as the roots have more space available there. It is estimated that a 3-liter aeroponic pot is equivalent to a 20-liter soil pot.

In terms of nutrient supply, aeroponic systems are more efficient, especially when using mineral fertilizers. The nutrient supply in an aeroponic system does not depend on the volume but on the amount of nutrients supplied. Since the nutrients in mineral fertilizers are directly available to plants and do not have to be broken down by microorganisms like in organic fertilizers. Therefore, sufficient nutrient supply can be achieved in aeroponic systems with a smaller volume, compared to conventional soil cultivation methods.

What is aeroponics?

Aeroponics is an advanced plant cultivation method in which the roots grow in a nutrient-rich air environment instead of soil. This technique allows for faster growth and higher yields compared to conventional cultivation methods.

What are the advantages of aeroponics compared to conventional cultivation methods?

Aeroponics offers a number of advantages over conventional cultivation methods, such as:

  • Faster plant growth
  • Higher yields
  • Lower water consumption
  • Less susceptibility to pests and diseases
  • Easier automation and control of growing conditions

How do versions 1 and 2 of the Aero Grow 19 differ?

Version 1 (V1) of the Aero Grow 19 is designed for use with aeroponically grown cuttings and seedlings and has a plant ring in the lid. Version 2 (V2) is designed for use with cuttings and seedlings grown in rockwool or Eazy Plugs and does not have a plant ring in the lid.

Which nutrient system should I use for aeroponics?

For aeroponics, it is important to choose a balanced nutrient system specifically designed for use in hydroponic systems. It is advisable to pay attention to manufacturer information and the experiences of other gardeners to find the optimal nutrient system for your plants. We recommend the mineral fertilizers from Terra Aquatica (TriPart series).

How do I maintain my aeroponic system and the Aero Grow 19?

Maintaining an aeroponic system and the Aero Grow 19 involves regular cleaning and disinfection of all components, monitoring and adjusting the nutrient solution, and regular maintenance of the pump and sprayers.