Aqua Master Tools buffer Solution pH 7.00 mS/cm 100 ml

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  • Calibration fluid with a pre-set pH value of 7.00
  • Traceable to NIST standard for highest accuracy
  • Ideal for calibrating pH meters
  • Essential for accurate measurement of pH in nutrient solutions
  • Easy to use and long-lasting
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Using pH 7.00 Buffer Solution in Hydroponic Plant Cultivation

Hydroponic plant cultivation is a modern technique for growing plants without soil. Properly adjusting the nutrient solution is crucial for the growth of your plants. This is where pH 7.00 buffer solution comes into play.

What Is pH 7.00 Buffer Solution?

pH 7.00 buffer solution is a calibration fluid used for pH probe calibration. This fluid has a pH value of 7.00 (at 25 °C) and is traceable to the NIST standard (National Institute of Standards and Technology). It is important to store the fluid at a temperature between 15-25 °C and to immediately seal the bottle after use.

  • 0 °C: pH 7.12
  • 5 °C: pH 7.07
  • 10 °C: pH 7.05
  • 15 °C: pH 7.03
  • 20 °C: pH 7.01
  • 25 °C: pH 7.00
  • 30 °C: pH 6.98
  • 35 °C: pH 6.97
  • 40 °C: pH 6.96
  • 45 °C: pH 6.96
  • 50 °C: pH 6.96
  • 60 °C: pH 6.96

How Is It Used?

pH 7.00 buffer solution is used to check and recalibrate the accuracy of your pH meter. To do this, a small amount of pH 7.00 buffer solution is placed in a test tube, and then the pH probe is submerged into it. The pH meter can then be calibrated to obtain accurate measurements. It is important to note that the liquid should not be poured back into the bottle to avoid altering the pH value of the remaining fluid.

How Important Is pH in Hydroponic Plant Cultivation?

In hydroponic plant cultivation, it is crucial for the nutrient solution to have the correct pH value, as this enables the roots to efficiently absorb nutrients. If the pH is too high or too low, plants may not absorb sufficient nutrients, leading to poor growth and weakened plants. Therefore, regularly checking and, if necessary, adjusting the pH value with acids or bases is essential.


pH 7.00 buffer solution is an essential component in hydroponic plant cultivation. It is used to verify the accuracy of your pH meter (such as the P50 Pro pH meter from Aqua Master Tools) and ensures the correct measurement of the pH value of the nutrient solution.

Included in the Package:

  • 1x pH 7.00 Buffer Solution, 100 ml
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