Clonex Mist Cuttings Spray 300ml

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  • Accelerates root formation in cuttings
  • Ready to use
  • Also suitable for mother plants

  • Volumen 300 ml

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Clonex Mist Cuttings Spray 300ml
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Clonex Mist 300 ml

Clonex® Mist is the latest innovation in cloning technology, designed to make cloning even more successful.

An innovative, complex mixture of amino acids and minerals to accelerate a healthy root formation process. Clonex Mist has been developed for use with or without Clonex Rooting Hormone and significantly speeds up root formation and the creation of a healthy foundation for new plants.

An effective leaf spray designed to support cuttings and seedlings in their most delicate phases. Clonex Mist is an optimal way to improve success rates when cutting, shorten rooting times, and strengthen the plant from the beginning.


  • Ready-to-use in a 300ml spray bottle
  • For use with cuttings and seedlings
  • Improves success rates and shortens rooting times for cuttings
  • Acts as an effective pre-treatment for mother plants
  • Root development is proven to be up to 10 days faster, with 30% longer roots and up to 156% more roots than with water alone
  • Contains nutrients and minerals to support cuttings and seedlings in their most delicate phases

How does Clonex Mist work?

Clonex Mist is a foliar stimulant designed for use with clones and seedlings. It has been developed after years of research to increase overall strength, promote healthier roots, and encourage the growth of longer root hairs. Clonex Mist is made from a natural blend of minerals and natural additives, making it non-toxic and completely safe for use in any environment - completely harmless to humans and animals.

How to use Clonex Mist

Clonex Mist comes in a convenient spray bottle and is designed for use in two different phases. It is primarily used as a leaf spray to nourish and develop cuttings, but can also be applied to mother plants as an effective pre-treatment before taking cuttings.

Apply Clonex Mist to the area of your mother plant from which you want to remove the cuttings, repeat the process two to three times per week for a duration of 14 days, until the removal of the plant shoot. Then take your cuttings as usual using a sharp, clean scalpel, dip them in a glass of Clonex Gel, and then place them in a medium of your choice for propagation, such as Root Riot.

After inserting, lightly mist the cuttings with Clonex Mist. The cuttings should be misted again every 2-3 days. Regular misting and use in conjunction with Clonex Gel improve the success rates of the cuttings to thrive in the initial phase.

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