GrowStream 80, Hydroponic System

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  • Revised Terra Aquatica growing system (V 2.0)
  • Powerful, most efficient, and flexible hydroponic system for 80 plants
  • Includes pump, tank, and accessories
  • Shipped directly from the manufacturer in France via freight forwarding
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    • Variante GrowStream 80 (80 Pflanzen)

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    Growstream 80 V2 Hydroponiksystem Terra Aquatica
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    GrowStream 80 V2: The New Aeroponic System for 80 Plants by Terra Aquatica

    The GrowStream systems are based on the highly efficient AeroFlo system technology and at the same time offer a range of improvements that make this system even more ergonomic with uncompromising quality.

    With a capacity of 80 plants per system unit, this expandable GrowStream system provides a flexible solution for hydroponic plant production. Based on the concept of optimal distribution of oxygen-rich water throughout the length of the cultivation system, the GrowStream® concept offers the benefits of aeroponics without its drawbacks (water heating and susceptibility to pH fluctuations).

    The GrowStream 80 V2 system consists of a 200-liter reservoir with a water pump that pumps water to the planting trough, where it is injected at precise intervals. Subsequently, the nutrient solution flows back through the drain pipe to replenish the reservoir, optimally oxygenating it without the need for complex control technology or multiple air pumps. This simplifies the assembly and operation of the GrowStream system, allowing the grower to focus on the actual task of system control without losing time on maintenance.

    New innovations of the V2 models include the removable lid and rounded corners, which facilitate cleaning, the double-walled construction of chamber and lid for better insulation, and the internal irrigation line to prevent water loss. Compared to AeroFlo, the slightly larger dimensions of GrowStream 80 ensure that the roots of larger plants have ample space and abundant water. The GrowStream 80 is versatile, suitable for both small and large plants. In these aeroponic hydroponic systems, not only salads and herbs but also large plants can thrive.

    New Flexible T-Distributors Allow Variable Trough Spacing

    The GrowStream V2 models now feature a flexible T-distributor (Black), as opposed to the rigid T-distributor of the old V1 models. Instead of being glued together, the T-distributors now consist of separate parts with flexible hoses that can be easily screwed together using hand caps.

    This new design offers several advantages. For example, the risk of the distributor breaking is lower, and you can extend or shorten the trough spacing depending on the crop by changing the length of the hoses. For instance, if you want a larger spacing between the two troughs on the right side and a very small spacing for the troughs on the left side, you can adjust the length of the pipes.

    Using GrowStream 80

    Assemble the system according to the instructions, fill with nutrient solution and rinsed clay pellets, and place the plants hydroponically grown in a nursery station like HydroCloner into the pots, and you're good to go!

    Technical Information about GrowStream 80

    • Designed for 80 plants
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 416 x 103 x 59 cm
    • Tank Volume: 200 liters
    • Net Pots: 8 cm


    Package Contents

    • 1x GrowStream 80 including pump, tank, and accessories
    • This product will be delivered to you on a pallet directly from the Terra Aquatica warehouse in France.

    GROWSTREAM V2 - Introduction (English)

    Growstream product presentation (English)

    GROWSTREAM V2 - Was ist neu?

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    Manufacturer: Terra Aquatica (GHE)
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