GrowStream 10, 20, 40, 60, 80 V2.0, Aeroponic Hydroponic Systems

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  • GrowStream® V2.0 is an aeroponic hydroponic system made from partially recycled plastic.
  • Enables high-yield harvests without soil and easy monitoring of nutrient supply.
  • Active circulation for oxygenation of the water.
  • Double-walled white plastic tubes with lids and UV protection, in which the net pots are placed with drainage substrate.
  • The spacing of the troughs can be individually adjusted, and the dimensions are tailored to common grow boxes.
  • All GrowStream systems are always available on request, even in larger quantities.
  • Includes pump, tank, and accessories.

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GrowStream® V2.0 - the latest aeroponic hydroponic system by Terra Aquatica

With the GrowStream V2.0, you have a versatile, reliable, and aeroponic hydroponic system that allows you to achieve high-yield crops without soil. It provides a simple solution to the ecological and social challenges of our time, as recycled plastic is used, for example.

The new V2 models (formerly AeroFlo)

With the GrowStream, you can:

  • Monitor your plant nutrition to achieve optimal results in every growth phase.
  • Have constant access to the roots to check your plant's health at any time.
  • Save water, fertilizer, and costs by ensuring your plants efficiently utilize the entire nutrient solution. Compared to growing the same plants in soil, you can save up to 80% of water.
  • Improve the health and speed of plant growth, reducing the use of herbicides (which are useless here) and other pesticides.
  • Optimize space usage
  • ... and eliminate the need to carry heavy bags of soil!


The principles of operation of GrowStream systems

These hydroponic systems operate with active circulation and ensure that the water is continuously enriched with oxygen. The closed-loop system conserves water while reducing environmentally harmful wastewater.

The concept is incredibly simple: The systems consist of double-walled, white plastic tubes with lids and UV protection. The lid can be easily opened to insert net pots filled with clay balls or a similar drainage substrate. This substrate serves as physical support for the plants, allowing them to develop optimally.

With dimensions of 18x14.7 cm, the channels provide ample space for root development and can be used for larger plants as well. The channels are available in lengths:

are available.

Inside the channels, a plastic tube (water pipe) ensures even distribution of the nutrient solution through nozzles. These nozzles are arranged to ensure an optimal balance between oxygen supply and power consumption. The nutrient solution flows back into the nutrient tank, from where it is pumped back into the system.

The pumps should be operational during the day but turned off at night to save electricity. However, during hot weather, it is recommended to keep them running to cool the root zone.

With the GrowStream systems, you have maximum oxygen enrichment for your plants. Whirlpools generated by the nozzles facilitate contact with the air and the reoxygenation of the water.

Furthermore, you don't have to worry as much about pests or diseases that are typically transmitted through the soil. With GrowStream systems, you have a hygienic and closed cultivation environment that promotes healthy root growth.

And the best part: The systems are incredibly easy to install and maintain. You just need to set up the channels, insert the 8cm net pots, add the clay balls or drainage substrate, and fill in the nutrient solution. The system takes care of the rest for you!

GrowStream V1.0 and V2.0: What has remained the same?

There are certain features and functions that Terra Aquatica has retained for the new models.

These features include:

  • Constant dynamic water circulation: The system ensures maximum oxygen enrichment through whirlpools, contact with the air, and water returning to the tank.
  • Large root development space and high water capacity: The channels, sized 18x14.7cm (cross-section) and with lengths of 1m, 2m, 3m, or 4m, enable good root development and high water volume.
  • Double-walled white plastic channels with covers: These reflect light and enhance insulation, providing better temperature control and limiting algae growth.
  • Inert, UV-stabilized plastic components: Protect against sunlight and also limit algae growth.
  • Removable chamber covers: Allow easy access to the root zone and save time on cleaning and monitoring plant health.


GrowStream V2.0: What has changed?

The channel caps of GrowStream V2.0 are manufactured using laser welding technology and have standard 3/4-inch threads, allowing easy assembly through simple screwing. The T-piece distributors are now flexible and minimize the risk of breakage during collisions. The spacing of the channels can be customized.

The nutrient tank of the V2.0 models is insulated and has an ergonomic lid, limiting algae growth and possible contamination of the nutrient solution while improving temperature control.

The dimensions of the GrowStream systems have been revised to fit the most commonly used grow boxes on the market.

  • GS 10 - 0.46x1.13x0.53 m
  • GS 20 - 0.97x1.11x0.58 m
  • GS 40 - 0.97x2.11x0.58 m
  • GS 60 - 0.97x3.11x0.58 m
  • GS 80 - 0.97x4.11x0.58 m

The system is supported by a sturdy stand and comes with a drainage kit (for GrowStream 20/40/60/80) for the nutrient tank. Additionally, a cleaning brush is included. Production takes place in France and is subject to internal controls to comply with French standards. Production has a lower carbon footprint, and there is the possibility of shorter delivery times.

GROWSTREAM V2 - Introduction (English)

Growstream product presentation (English)

GROWSTREAM V2 - Was ist neu?

Montagehinweise GrowStream 10 (Englisch)

Die Farbe variieren je nach Verwendeten von Recyclingkunststoff.

Montagehinweise GrowStream 10 (Englisch)

Montagehinweise GrowStream 20 (Englisch)

Die Farbe variieren je nach Verwendeten von Recyclingkunststoff.

Montagehinweise GrowStream 20 (Englisch)

Montagehinweise GrowStream 40 (Englisch)

Die Farbe variieren je nach Verwendeten von Recyclingkunststoff.

Montagehinweise GrowStream 40 (Englisch)

Montagehinweise GrowStream 60 (Englisch)

Die Farbe variieren je nach Verwendeten von Recyclingkunststoff.

Montagehinweise GrowStream 60 (Englisch)

Montagehinweise GrowStream 80 (Englisch)

Die Farbe variieren je nach Verwendeten von Recyclingkunststoff.

Montagehinweise GrowStream 80 (Englisch)
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