hortiOne Multi Dimmer BT, Bluetooth and Rotary Knob

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  • Plug & Play for hortiONE V3
  • Up to 3 LED lamps
  • Sunrise / Sunset
  • Timer
  • Continuously dimmable
  • Can also be used with other LEDs (DiY)
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hortiOne Multi Dimmer BT, Bluetooth and Rotary Knob
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hortiONE Dimmer with Bluetooth

Multifunctional Dimmer that controls up to three LED lamps simultaneously.

The hortiONE Dimmer is a 0-10V LED dimmer designed to control up to three 3-channel LED drivers with a Plug & Play connection for hortiONE 420 and hortiONE 600 LED grow lamps. The hortiONE Dimmer is also compatible with all other 0-10V dimmable drivers. A USB Type B power supply can be used for an LED driver without a 12V auxiliary connection. This is the case when the dimmer does not receive power via the Plug & Play connection, as in the hortiONE LED drivers. The dimmer supports dimming via a rotary knob in 6 different levels, including turning off. The Bluetooth Dimmer function is possible directly through the free Tuya Smart App. All that's required is a mobile device with no internet connection. Bluetooth Mesh is supported by a third-party gateway. When using the gateway, the dimmer connects through the Tuya Smart Cloud and can be controlled over the internet. Smart home capabilities, such as integration with sensors and services like Google Smart Home or Amazon Alexa, are also possible.

Note: We believe that the hortiONE Dimmer is relatively expensive when used with only one hortiONE LED. However, the extensive options and features of this device, as well as its safety features such as the detached Bluetooth antenna when using the rotary knob, make it a well-thought-out product. Nevertheless, there are cheaper dimmers with fewer features available for single LEDs in the market. However, in our opinion, it becomes competitively priced with rival products when used with two LEDs, and an absolute bargain when used with three LEDs! Especially considering that the connection cables are included with the dimmer, making it easy to upgrade to two or three LED lamps at any time.
  • With rotary knob (0, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%), the Bluetooth antenna is not active and is detached - SAVE!
  • Control up to three hortiONE LEDs with one dimmer. The hortiONE Dimmer already comes with three pre-installed connection cables and only needs to be connected to the hortiONE drivers via Plug & Play.
  • Compatible with all 0-10V dimmable drivers, including "non-hortiONE LEDs".
  • USB Type B interface for optional power supply connection for drivers without a 12V AUX connection.
  • Bluetooth antenna for optional app control via the Tuya Smart App.
  • hortiONE 600 and hortiONE 420 can also be mixed and connected to the dimmer.

Here's hortiONE's recommendation for suitable hortiONE Grow LEDs for different areas:

  • 60x60cm: 1x hortiONE 420
  • 80x80cm: 1x hortiONE 420
  • 60x120cm: 1x hortiONE 600
  • 100x100cm: 2x hortiONE 600
  • 120x120cm: 2x hortiONE 600 ("Eco-Setup")
  • 120x120cm: 3x hortiONE 600
  • 150x150cm: 3x hortiONE 600
  • Also suitable for larger cultivation areas indoors
  • Ideal for vertical cultivation due to its flat design

Dimming Options

1. Dimming via Rotary Knob (without Bluetooth or Wireless)

  • OFF - 20% - 40% - 60% - 80% - 100%

When the rotary knob is used for dimming, the Bluetooth chip is deactivated and NOT powered!

2. Bluetooth Dimmer

The connection is only between the dimmer and the smartphone. Both devices must be within signal range. The distance or range depends on the environment. The dimmer is then not visible on the internet, Wi-Fi, or as a Bluetooth device for other devices.
Because safety comes first!

  • Download the "Tuya smart App"

You can either scan the QR code from the datasheet with your mobile camera or search for "Tuya Smart App" in the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android).


  • Turn On/Off
  • Continuous dimming from 1-100%
  • Timers: (daily light on/off)
  • Sunrise / Sunset function

3. Bluetooth smart (requires Gateway!)

Control your hortiONE Grow LEDs over the internet from anywhere in the world by connecting with external services like Alexa or Google. Additionally, you can connect the hortiONE Dimmer to external sensors for things like CO2, light, humidity, or temperature. You can monitor the sensor values in the same app. These values can also be used to control your grow light based on thresholds. For example, you could increase the light intensity when the CO2 level is above x ppm (a value you define in the app). More details can be found in the datasheet.

The required gateway and sensors are third-party components and are not provided by hortiONE.

Setting up the Connection between hortiONE Dimmer, LED Driver, and Tuya Smart App

1. Connect the hortiONE Dimmer to the LED driver of your LED grow lamp

The LED driver must be connected to the power supply (socket), which is easily done with the included power adapter for hortiONE lamps. hortiONE 420 and hortiONE 600 are connected via the pre-installed connection cables on the dimmer using Plug & Play, as described in the datasheet. If you're using a hortiONE V1/V2 driver or a LED driver from another manufacturer without a 12V AUX connection, you need to use a separate USB power supply (Type B). In this case, if more than one LED driver is connected to the hortiONE Dimmer, only one of them can have a 12V AUX connection as a power source to supply power to the dimmer.

2. Set the rotary knob to wireless

The connected grow light will blink once

3. Open the Tuya Smart App and add the dimmer as described in the datasheet

Scan the QR code in the datasheet or search for "Tuya Smart" in the App Store or Play Store. Launch the Tuya Smart App and make sure your Bluetooth is enabled! Press the (+) button to add a device or use the orange "Add Device" button. The dimmer should be automatically detected.

  1. Click on "Add Device"
  2. Click on (+)
  3. Click "Done"

Technical Specifications of the hortiONE Dimmer

  • Input: LED Driver 12V AUX or power supply via USB +5V
  • Output: 0-10 VDC
  • Maximum Dimming Load: 100 mA
  • Number of Channels: 1
  • Number of Connections: 3
  • Maximum Ambient Air Temperature: 50 °C
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Dimensions: 130x68x34 mm

Package Contents

  • hortiONE Dimmer including three pre-installed connection cables for hortiONE drivers

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