SANlight - the LED lighting for higher productivity in your plantation

An effective lighting is crucial for a productive plant cultivation in your grow tent. SANlight, an Austrian company, specializes in the development of LED grow lights and offers innovative and high-quality products for the propagation and the entire growth cycle of your plants. With years of experience and know-how, the company has earned an excellent reputation in the industry and is well-known and popular among hobby and professional gardeners worldwide.

Specialized in LED grow lights for indoor growing

SANlight places great importance on the continuous development of its product range. The company works closely with leading LED chip manufacturers such as Osram to always integrate the latest and best technologies into its products. With this approach, SANlight ensures that its customers always receive the best possible lighting solution.

Optimal light spectrum and balanced price-performance ratio

In addition to using the latest technologies, SANlight also pays attention to the optimal light spectrum for plants. By using special LED chips that emit light in the areas of the light spectrum that are most important for plant growth, the productivity of your grow facility can be increased. SANlight also offers a balanced price-performance ratio, so that everyone has the opportunity to optimally illuminate their plants.

Versatility and flexibility with SANlight LED

Another big plus of SANlight is the versatility and flexibility of its products. SANlight offers a wide range of LED lighting solutions for different growing situations and plant species. Whether for indoor cultivation, for the professional gardener, or the hobby gardener, SANlight has the right lighting solution for everyone.

Energy efficiency and sustainability

LED grow lights are known for being more energy-efficient than conventional lighting technologies. SANlight products are able to achieve higher efficiency and performance with lower energy consumption, resulting in a reduction in electricity costs and a more sustainable environmental footprint.

SANlight EVO series

Advantages of SANlight EVO series

The Evo series from SANlight offers many advantages that can increase the plant growth and productivity of your grow facility. One of these advantages is the individual adjustment of the LEDs to the plant height. With other LED grow lights, you can only maximize the lighting intensity at the tallest growing plant. However, by using two lights of the SANlight Evo series, it is possible for lower growing plants to receive the same high light intensity as the taller growing plants in your grow box.

Another advantage of the Evo series is the best possible utilization of height by positioning the exhaust technology in the center of the grow box. This leaves enough space on the right and left of the activated carbon filter to bring the lights close to the maximum height.

The Evo series also offers you flexibility in increasing light intensity. Whether you have a 150 x 150 cm tent or a larger growing space, you can always add additional SANlight LED lamps to increase the light intensity.

Another important advantage of the Evo series is the diffuse light distribution. By positioning the LEDs correctly, every point within the grow box receives sufficient light, ensuring even illumination of the plants.