Starter Kit TriPart (Soft Water) 500ml

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  • Mineral complete nutrient solution from Terra Aquatica
  • Highly advanced 3-component fertilizer
  • Application: Soil, Coco & Hydro
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Starter Kit TriPart (Soft Water) 500ml
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Terra Aquatica Starter Kit (Soft Water) 500ml

Terra Aquatica TriPart is a modular 3-component nutrient system that optimally combines nutrient supply and application flexibility.

Why buy growth and bloom fertilizers along with CalMag booster and PK when a 3-bottle set does the job?

Our TriPart fertilizers allow you to cater to the needs of plants in their respective developmental stages by varying the mixing ratio: more TriPart Grow during the growth phase, more TriPart Bloom during flowering and fruiting – simple and ingenious.

While many manufacturers claim that their fertilizers contain everything plants need for healthy growth, we go further with TriPart. Beyond providing essential primary and secondary nutrients, TriPart also supplies trace elements and other micronutrients and provides the necessary elements for optimal availability and uptake, preferably in chelated form. This reliably yields excellent results, particularly in specific market segments where taste, aroma, and potency matter, as well as in the extraction of essential oils.

TriPart Micro, the foundational product of the range, is available for both hard and soft water, maintaining calcium levels in the nutrient solution at optimal levels and preventing nutrient deficiency caused by over-fertilization through universal nutrients.

TriPart Grow: stimulates structural development and vegetative growth, supports strong root formation, and is the primary supplier of nitrogen, potassium, and secondary minerals in TriPart. Administer in larger amounts during growth and lesser amounts during flowering.

TriPart Bloom: supplies plant-available phosphorus and potassium needed for root support and healthy growth, fully unlocking the genetic potential of plants during flowering and fruiting. Administer in lesser amounts during growth and larger amounts during flowering.

TriPart Micro: Available for both hard and soft water, TriPart Micro is the foundational component of our modular nutrient system, providing trace elements, micronutrients, and additional macronutrients. Administer TriPart Micro during the growth and flowering phases as per the application instructions.

Application of TriPart

  • Shake well before use: Terra Aquatica TriPart nutrients are highly concentrated.
  • Add the components individually to the water one by one and mix each thoroughly. Rinse the measuring container in between and at the end.
  • For optimal results, TriPart is available in two water hardness variants: use TriPart Micro for hard water with a Ca content above 70 mg/L, and use TriPart Micro for soft water with lower values.

TriPart is suitable for

  • All plants and substrates, hydroponics, soil, and outdoor gardens.
  • The most effective growth accelerator you can provide your plants alongside nutrients is high-quality fulvic acid. Ours is called Fulvic and is of superior quality.
  • FlashClean is recommended not only during harvesting and in case of nutrient deficiency after over-fertilization but also during ideal growth conditions to keep the substrate healthy and make minerals available.
  • Seaweed is used just before flowering to trigger and enhance flower formation.
  • Use exclusively FinalPart in the last 10 days before harvest to increase flower production.
  • Terra Aquatica TrikoLogic provides beneficial microorganisms to the root zone, and TrikoLogic S is especially useful for its protective and yield-enhancing effects in high-temperature conditions.

Package Contents

  • 1x TriPart Micro 500ml (Soft Water)
  • 1x TriPart Grow 500ml
  • 1x TriPart Bloom 500ml

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