TrikoLogic | Organic Trichoderma 250g

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  • Useful microorganisms from Terra Aquatica
  • High-quality Trichoderma harzianum culture in dry form
  • Important additive in organic cultivation and secret weapon of all commercial growers
  • Helps strengthen plants' defense mechanisms
  • Application: soil, coco, hydro & bioponic

  • Menge 250 g (auf Anfrage)

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TrikoLogic | Organic Trichoderma 250g
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TrikoLogic - Beneficial Microorganisms from Terra Aquatica

Trichoderma harzianum, which is commercially known as TrikoLogic, is the first beneficial microorganism that has become the standard in commercial greenhouse cultivation.

The microorganisms living in soil, coconut fiber, or similar substrates break down organic matter and release mineral nutrients. This process is crucial in organic farming, bio-hydroponics, bioponics, and aquaponics. As recent research has shown, Trichoderma releases a range of compounds during its development and spread that promote plant growth and neutralize or eliminate plant pathogens living in the soil that are harmful to plants.

Due to these advantages, especially for young plants, Trichoderma has become widely adopted in the industry.

Like all Terra Aquatica products, our Trichoderma is of excellent quality because our cultures are derived from highly viable strains. We take pride in our products made from beneficial bacteria and fungi, which are among the top products on the market.

TrikoLogic complies with European Directive 2008/113/EC on microorganisms as active substances and is registered under the following number: BBA No. LS 004987-65-00.

Application of TrikoLogic

Like all aerobes, the microorganisms contained in TrikoLogic are healthier and more efficient when they receive more oxygen and experience less fluctuation in pH, temperature, and humidity.

  • For seedlings, young and mature plants: add 1 g of TrikoLogic to 15-20 liters of water or nutrient solution every 6 to 8 weeks, as an addition during sowing and as a supplement to water/fertilizer.
  • For mature plants in soil or coconut fiber: add 10 g of TrikoLogic to 150-200 liters of water or nutrient solution every 6 to 8 weeks; simply add it to the irrigation/fertilization system or directly irrigate the substrate with it.
  • In hydroponics with free-floating roots or bioponics: for young plants with a small root mass, TrikoLogic requires a base for the colonization and proliferation of microorganisms. Use a commercially available biofilter or hang a 3- to 5-liter plastic mesh pot filled with 80% clay pebbles and 20% coconut fiber in the water flowing into the tank or under the return line of our GrowStream systems.

Suitable for

  • All fertilizers and substrates from Terra Aquatica, hydroponics, and outdoor gardens.
  • Pro Organic and other organic fertilizers from Terra Aquatica are highly effective when combined with TrikoLogic S.

Package Contents

  • 1x TrikoLogic 250g

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