DryPart Grow 1kg

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  • Mineral complete nutrient solution from Terra Aquatica
  • pH-buffered, highly concentrated dry fertilizer
  • 1-component dry fertilizer in powder form
  • Application: Soil, Coco & Hydro

  • Menge 1 Kg

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DryPart Grow 1kg
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Mineral-rich Complete Nutrition Powder Solution from Terra Aquatica

Built upon two mineral-rich 1-component formulations, DryPart Grow and DryPart Bloom – one for growth, one for flowering – are the most concentrated products in our lineup.

DryPart Grow and DryPart Bloom are two separate water-soluble formulations, with proportions of high-quality primary, secondary, and micronutrients finely tuned to deliver optimal flavor and yields even in very soft water. Both are pH-buffered, ensuring that the nutrient solution maintains its targeted pH level. Thanks to their easily transportable and storable powder form, DryPart products are highly favored among outdoor gardeners.

DryPart Grow & Bloom are suitable for all plant types and compatible with various water qualities. Whether cultivating in coco coir, water, or soil: DryPart guarantees the utmost flexibility and portability.

Application of DryPart Grow

  • Dissolve in water and apply
  • Terra Aquatica DryPart fertilizers are highly concentrated: even a maximum of 2 g/L is sufficient.
  • Ensure that DryPart fertilizers are stored dry and airtight after opening to prevent clumping.

DryPart Grow is suitable for

  • All plants and substrates, hydroponics, soil, and outdoor gardens.
  • The most effective growth accelerator you can provide to your plants alongside fertilizer is high-quality fulvic acid. Ours is called Fulvic and is of exceptional quality.
  • Terra Aquatica TrikoLogic supplies the root zone with beneficial microorganisms, while TrikoLogic S is particularly useful in high-temperature conditions due to its protective and yield-enhancing effects.
  • Terra Aquatica additives: The T.A. product range includes high-quality organic additives for fine-tuning and accelerating growth, such as the potent pre-flowering activator Seaweed.
  • FlashClean: FlashClean is recommended not only during harvest and in cases of nutrient deficiency after over-fertilization but also revitalizes substrate or depleted soil of fruit-bearing plants that cannot be repotted, and rejuvenates mother plants.
  • Use FinalPart in the last 10 days to enhance flower production.

Package Contents

  • 1x DryPart Grow 1kg

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