TrikoLogic S, Organic Trichoderma 250g, 50g, 25g

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  • Useful microorganisms from Terra Aquatica
  • Highly efficient biological root protection agent with Trichoderma harzianum for optimal root protection at high temperatures
  • Protection of roots against fungi and bacteria
  • Application: Soil, Coco, Hydro & Bioponics

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    TrikoLogic S, Organic Trichoderma 250g, 50g, 25g
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    TrikoLogic S - Trichoderma for Warm Temperatures from Terra Aquatica

    Roots are the gardener's concern. In soil, they are challenging to access, whereas in a hydroponic system, they are more accessible but comparatively vulnerable to pathogens. Considering the effort a gardener invests in building a healthy root mass, it's worth protecting this valuable achievement from Pythium, Fusarium, Verticillium, and other fungi and bacteria that can cause devastating damage in hydroponic systems, especially during heat when above-ground pathogens thrive and can become a problem overnight.

    Products marketed as ideal solutions, whether UV lamps or fungicides from the garden market, come with significant drawbacks: some are expensive, impractical, and of dubious effectiveness, while others are toxic and harmful to health.

    Fortunately, with TrikoLogic S, there's an effective remedy that brings no disadvantages or risks.

    For optimal root protection, we have tested all the beneficial strains currently used and isolated only those with the fastest and most efficient effects. Too many different strains would compete with each other when colonizing the parts of plants to be protected, rendering them ineffective for fast-growing species.

    TrikoLogic S contains a balanced mixture of beneficial microorganisms that start working immediately upon application, covering the entire root mass with a protective layer that prevents the growth, spread, and survival of disease-causing fungi. For you, TrikoLogic S is the safest way to protect your plant roots from diseases. And because TrikoLogic S contains the same high-quality Trichoderma strains as TrikoLogic, it also breaks down unwanted organic residues floating in the nutrient solution into plant-available minerals.

    Terra Aquatica TrikoLogic S complies with the requirements of the European Directive 2008/113/EC on microorganisms as active substances.

    Application of TrikoLogic S

    TrikoLogic S is a natural, 100% organic root protection agent best used preventively. Like all aerobes, the microorganisms contained in TrikoLogic S are healthier and more efficient the more oxygen they receive and the less pH, temperature, and humidity fluctuate.

    • As an additive during sowing and as an addition to water/fertilizer for seedlings, young and mature plants: add 1 g per 15 to 20 liters of water or nutrient solution every 6 to 8 weeks.
    • Mature plants in soil or coconut fiber: add 10 g per 150 to 200 liters of water or nutrient solution every 6 to 8 weeks; apply directly to the irrigation/fertilization system or water the substrate with it.
    • In hydroponics with freely floating roots or bioponics: for young plants with a small root mass, TrikoLogic S needs a base for the colonization and propagation of microorganisms. Use a standard biofilter or place a 3- to 5-liter plastic grid pot filled with 80% clay pellets and 20% coconut fiber in the water running into the tank, for example, under the return line of our GrowStream systems.

    Suitable for

    • All fertilizers and substrates from Terra Aquatica, hydroponics, and outdoor gardens.
    • Pro Organic and other organic fertilizers from Terra Aquatica are particularly efficient when used in combination with TrikoLogic® S.

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