Aqua Master Tools KCL Storage Solution 100 ml

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  • Extension of the lifespan of pH probes
  • Ensuring accurate measurement results
  • Convenient storage of pH probes
  • Reduction of errors due to faulty or inaccurate probes
  • NIST standard
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KCL Storage Solution 100 ml: The Solution for Prolonged pH Probe Life

Measuring the pH value of nutrient solutions is a crucial factor for successful plant cultivation. However, to obtain accurate measurement results, it is essential for the pH probe to be in perfect condition. This is where the KCL Storage Solution 100 ml from Aqua Master Tools can play a significant role.

What is KCL Storage Solution?

KCL stands for Potassium Chloride, a chemical compound with a formula of KCl. It is a common solution used for storing pH probes as it exhibits a neutral electrical potential, thus providing a suitable environment for the electrode.

The neutrality of KCl ensures that no electrochemical reactions occur, which could affect measurement accuracy. Additionally, the solution keeps the electrode in an appropriate hydrated state and protects it from drying out and damage. This KCL solution is traceable to the NIST standard (National Institute of Standards and Technology), meaning it serves as a reliable reference for calibrating pH probes.

Overall, KCL provides a simple, reliable, and effective solution for storing pH probes to extend their lifespan and ensure accurate measurement results.

Storing pH Probes with KCL Solution

Storing pH probes with KCL solution is straightforward and effective. After each use, the electrode should be carefully cleaned before being stored in a small amount of KCL solution. For this purpose, simply add a bit of solution into the electrode's protective cap and then store the electrode in the solution. It is important to seal the solution immediately after use and store it at temperatures between 15-25°C. It is not recommended to pour the liquid back into the container.

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  • 1x KCL Storage Solution 100 ml
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