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  • Outstanding odour neutralisation for indoor grow facilities
  • Specifically designed for high humidity and greenhouses
  • 50mm thick bed with RC412 activated carbon granulate
  • 51% open grid and conical base ensure optimised air flow
  • Conical internal base for optimised air flow
  • Sealed, packaged, labelled after manufacturing
  • Testing procedure according to ASTM standard

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carbon filter rhino pro
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Activated Carbon Filter from Rhino's Pro Series

No more worries about odours from your grow box! With the high-quality activated carbon filter from the Rhino Pro series, your neighbours won't notice your HomeGrow. These activated carbon filters are specially designed for gardeners who require efficient and reliable odour neutralisation of the exhaust air from their indoor growing facility.

The Rhino Pro activated carbon filters are available in various sizes and were specially designed for greenhouses with high humidity. They have been extensively tested and have been proven in practice for decades.

Whether you have a mini grow box with little space or a large cultivation room, there is a suitable Rhino Pro activated carbon filter that fits your conditions and the performance of your fan.

Product Features

The Rhino Pro activated carbon filters have a number of features that distinguish them from other filters available on the market. These include:

  • 50 mm thick bed with RC412 activated carbon granulate
  • 1.5 mm aluminium lid and bottom for reduced weight
  • Unique system prevents false air throughput
  • 51% open grid for optimised air throughput
  • Machine-filled activated carbon to maximise the amount contained and minimise possible movement
  • Conical internal base for optimised air flow and use of the complete filter volume
  • Sealed, packed and labelled immediately after manufacture to guarantee optimal service life, easy handling and perfect presentation
  • Testing procedure according to ASTM standard (ASTM = the American TÜV)


How often do I have to change the activated carbon filter?

Activated carbon filters are wear products that must be replaced when the activated carbon is saturated in order to maintain filter performance. The exact service life depends on various factors, including the type and amount of odours that need to be filtered, as well as the operating conditions of the filter.

The following circumstances can significantly reduce the life of your activated carbon filter:

  • Humidity over 90%
  • Smoking in the cultivation room
  • Deodorant sprays or things like ONA, etc.

Can I clean the prefilter fleece of my activated carbon filter?

Yes, you can significantly extend the life of the activated carbon filter by regularly cleaning or replacing the prefilter fleece (every 2-4 months).

Is the filter suitable for damp rooms?

Yes, the Rhino Pro activated carbon filters are specifically designed for damp rooms or greenhouses.

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