HOMEbox | Ambient R150 | Grow Tent | 150x80x200cm

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New Model: The "Legalizebox Big" for 3 Plants
  • Rectangular growing area of 1.2 m²
  • Innovative PAR+ interior lining
  • Optimal ventilation options
  • Excellent value for money
  • Designed in Germany

Tension straps and removable insert floor included!

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HOMEbox | Ambient R150 | Grow Tent | 150x80x200cm
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HOMEbox Ambient R150: Growbox for 3 large Plants

Want to work with up to three large plants and still have plenty of space to work? Then the HOMEbox Ambient R150, measuring 150x80x200cm, is the right choice for you. The HOMEbox Ambient R150 offers a clever design with a 1.2 m² growing area in a practical rectangular shape. This makes it easy to place 3 plants right next to each other, making gardening much easier.

Thanks to the innovative PAR+ lining with outstanding reflection values, you benefit from even light distribution and reduce excessive heat build-up in the growbox. This means for you: higher yields and healthier plants.

Recommendations for suitable lighting:

  • 1x SANlight EVO 5-150
  • 2x Greenception GCx 4
  • 2x hortiOne 420

Individual Ventilation

The specially arranged tubes allow you to attach air-cooled reflectors exactly where you need them. The generous opening in the roof (200mm) makes it easy to install a ventilation system. With the two 200 mm OmniFlowAirvents openings, you have the option to precisely control the incoming air by deciding how far they are open.

Quality at a Fair Price

Despite its numerous advantages and features, the HOMEbox Ambient R150 is available at a relatively affordable price. So you benefit not only from high-quality, but also from an excellent value for money.

Product Information

  • Design made in Germany
  • Assembled size: 150x80x200 cm
  • Growing area: 1.2 m²
  • Robust & light-proof materials
  • Durable exterior polyester material
  • Waterproof and removable inner floor
  • MicroMesh insect screen with 700 micrometer mesh size
  • White PAR+ interior lining
  • Metal frame: 22 mm, sturdy & precisely processed plastic connectors
  • Total-Blackout-Zippers: robust and long-lasting zippers
  • Maximum load capacity: 75 kg
  • Openings:
    • 1x 100 mm
    • 1x 160 mm
    • 1x 200 mm
    • 2x 200 mm: OmniFlow-Airvent


What are the most important criteria for a high-quality grow box?

Some of the most important criteria include:

  • High reflection values, ideally with white foil.
  • Absolute light-tightness, especially at seams and zippers.
  • A stable frame, preferably with a diameter of at least 16mm to 22mm.
  • Adequate hanging options through cross braces and tension belts.
  • Multiple exhaust/intake and cable openings for flexibility.
  • Easy access to plants, especially through a large front door and additional side doors for larger tents.

Why are high reflection values important?

A good reflective interior lining ensures that no light is wasted and is instead reflected onto the plants. For instance, HOMEbox uses white reflective foils that offer up to 92% reflectivity.

What are the exhaust/intake openings for?

These openings allow for optimal ventilation and temperature control in the grow tent, which is crucial for plant growth.

What does a waterproof floor mean?

A waterproof floor protects against unexpected water outbreaks and can be easily cleaned. This prevents damage to the apartment or room where the grow box is located.

Manufacturer: HOMEbox
SKU: hb-ar150
GTIN: 4260220922193
Fläche (LxB)‍: 150x80cm (1,20 m²)
Fläche (Form)‍: Rechteckig
Geeignet für‍: Home GrowIndoor Grow
Shipping weight‍: 15,70 kg
Item weight‍: 14,13 kg



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