Aeration pump | RP-2 Airset | 180 l/h | 3 Watt

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  • Perfect for horticulture, aquatics, and hydroponics
  • Oxygen supply for plants and fish
  • Delivery volume: 180 L/h
  • Included air hose and air stone for efficient oxygen distribution
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Aeration pump | RP-2 Airset | 180 l/h | 3 Watt
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Aeration Pump RP-2 Airset 180 L/h with 3 Watts - Perfect for Horticulture, Aquaristics, and Hydroponics

Discover the Remmers Pompen RP Aeration Pump, an ideal tool for horticulture, aquaristics, or hydroponic plant cultivation. With this pump, you can increase the oxygen content of the water, ensuring the healthy growth of your plants or fish. The aeration pump has 2 outlets and comes with 2 air stones and 2x10 meter air hoses included.

Oxygen Supply for Plants and Fish

Thanks to the RP Aeration Pump, roots receive so much oxygen that they can grow in a Deep Water System (DWS). This pump is also great for hydroponic cutting cultivation. The water stays fresh and usable for longer. In aquaristics, a constant oxygen content in the water is essential to ensure the well-being of fish.

Flow Volume and Air Hose

The flow volume of 90 or 180 liters of air per hour and the included air hose ensure that the oxygen-rich air arrives precisely where it is needed.

Air Stone for Efficient Oxygen Distribution

With the included air stones, the air is atomized into tiny bubbles underwater, significantly increasing the surface area between air and water. The porous structure of the stone promotes intense gas exchange between the liquid and the air.

Mixing of Standing Water

The RP Aeration Pump also helps mix standing water. The rising air bubbles swirl the liquid and create a gentle suction, which is sufficient to mix the water thoroughly. This aeration pump can replace a circulation pump.

Important Note on Placement

Place the aeration pump in a dust-free and splash-protected location. Make sure that the pump is not installed below the water level to prevent it from filling with water.

Included in the Package

  • 1x Aeration Pump RP-2 Airset 180 L/h with 3 Watts
Manufacturer: Remmers Pompen (RP Pump)
SKU: rp-2-airset
GTIN: 7022840035014
Shipping weight‍: 0,70 kg



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