Freeze Dryer Xiros Micro

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  • CE certified
  • Market-leading ice storage capacity for larger batches or longer thawing intervals
  • Easy loading due to flat machine design
  • High-quality and high-performance components from leading suppliers
  • Designed to run 24/7
  • Utilizes high-performance vacuum technology fittings and connections (instead of refrigeration components)
  • Commercial 2-year warranty
  • Thawing function through shelf heating
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freeze dryer xiros mikro
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Freeze Dryer Xiros Micro

The Xiros Micro freeze dryer by Holand Green Science is a small, powerful freeze dryer designed for use in households as well as in research facilities, laboratories, and commercial production of freeze-dried products. Despite its compact size, the Xiros Micro cryogenic dryer has a large product capacity with up to 9 shelves and a capacity of 8 kg of ice/24h and 4 kg of sublimation/24 hours.
? With the Xiros Micro, you save a lot of time and money. It also requires minimal space.
The Xiros Micro cryogenic dryer features intuitive operation with a digital touch display for precise adjustment of drying time and temperature.

Freeze Drying Made Easy

Not all freeze dryers are the same. As often is the case, the devil is in the details. Many manufacturers offer devices that may look good and be relatively inexpensive to purchase, but then it quickly becomes apparent that corners have been cut in many areas.
This manifests itself, for example, in very loud operating noises (which can be very exhausting and annoying since a cycle can last between 4 and 24 hours).
Or spare parts are very difficult to obtain.
Or the manufacturer does not respond to support inquiries.
I have had the opportunity to see several freeze dryers and then decided on the Xiros Micro. It is easy to use, manufactured to high quality standards, and can be optimally adapted to your needs.
Since the manufacturer, Holland Green Science, is based in the Netherlands, comprehensive and fast support is always possible.

The Xiros Micro can be loaded with up to 8 kg of material. The maximum load weight depends, of course, on the products being dried. Approximately 10L of material volume for freeze drying fits in the Xiros Micro.

Product Description

Features and Benefits of the Cryogenic Dryer

  • CE certified => Truly safe and reliable! Cheap devices from the Far East pose great dangers!
  • Market-leading ice storage capacity for larger batches or longer defrost intervals
  • Easy loading due to flat machine design
  • High-quality and high-performance components from leading suppliers
  • Designed to run 24/7
  • Uses high-performance vacuum technology fittings and connections (instead of refrigeration components)
  • 2-year warranty with full support
  • Defrost function with modern shelf heating
  • Clear glass door: allows you to monitor the drying process live.

Specifications of the Cryogenic Dryer

  • 5, 7 to 9 stainless steel shelves (as desired) => You can contact us for more information
  • Ice condenser volume = 11 liters
  • Ice condenser capacity = 8 kg
  • Ice condenser power = 4 kg in 24 hours
  • Ice condenser temperature -40 °C
  • Minimum shelf freezing temperature -35 °C
  • Maximum shelf drying temperature +60 °C
  • Shelf temperature accuracy +/- 3 °C
  • Typical product capacity = 9.6 kg at 80% moisture content
  • Final vacuum 2.5 x 10-2 mbar
  • Maximum vacuum pump current: 3A
  • Future-proof refrigerant R290
  • Noise level (without vacuum pump): 54 dB(A)


  • Interfaces: USB, RS232C
  • 5-inch color touchscreen
  • Programmable for specific applications, e.g., to reduce the loss of terpenes
  • Options for manual operation
  • Automatic drying cycle
  • USB connectivity for software upgrades and data logging

Xiros Micro: Technical Details of the Cryogenic Dryer

Tray size: up to 9 shelves = 200 x 450 x 15 mm
Shelf spacing: 9 shelves = 19 mm
Outer dimensions: 770 (D) x 748 (W) x 507 (H) mm
Weight: 119 kg
Electrical: 220 V +/-15% 50 Hz 8.5 A without pump, 11.5 A with pump (model-dependent)

The Effect of Vacuum on the Drying Rate of Samples in a Freeze Dryer

The use of vacuum freeze dryers like the Xiros Micro by Holand Green Science has gained increasing importance in laboratories in recent years. This is because this type of dryer allows for fast and efficient drying of samples, particularly compared to conventional hot air dryers. An important factor in the use of vacuum freeze dryers is the vacuum applied during the drying process.

How Does Vacuum Drying Work?

Vacuum drying is a process where vacuum is used to reduce the humidity surrounding a sample. This allows water to evaporate from the sample more quickly, shortening the drying time. In a vacuum freeze dryer, the vacuum is generated by removing air from the freeze dryer using a vacuum pump. This lowers the relative humidity inside the freeze dryer and increases the drying rate.

Advantages of Vacuum Drying

One of the main advantages of vacuum drying is the faster drying rate. By reducing the humidity using vacuum, water can evaporate from the sample more quickly. This shortens the drying time, which is particularly important when drying samples in large quantities or thermolabile samples.

Another advantage of vacuum drying is that the samples are not overheated, which often occurs when using hot air dryers. Since vacuum is used to reduce humidity, the sample is not directly heated. This allows thermolabile samples to be dried safely without damage.

Another advantage of vacuum freeze dryers is the ability to dry "hazardous" samples. Since vacuum is used to reduce humidity, there is no need to directly heat the sample. This allows hazardous samples, such as explosive substances, to be dried in a safe environment.

Conclusion on Freeze Dryers in the Laboratory

Vacuum freeze dryers are a powerful and efficient method for drying samples in laboratories. They enable faster drying rates compared to conventional hot air dryers and allow for the drying of thermolabile samples without damage. However, they are more expensive compared to conventional dryers.

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Installation: Gefriertrockner Xiros Mikro und Vakuumpumpe Anemos

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