PermaBloom | Growth and Bloom Fertilizer 500ml

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  • Mineral nutrient solution from Terra Aquatica
  • The ideal solution for continuous production
  • Powerful TriPart® performance combined with user-friendliness in service of constantly fruiting plants
  • Application: Soil, Coco & Hydro

  • Volumen 500 ml

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PermaBloom | Growth and Bloom Fertilizer 500ml
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PermaBloom - Complete Nutrition Solution for Continuously Fruitful Plants

With our 3-component base nutrient system TriPart Micro as the foundation, PermaBloom is the tailored ideal solution with optimized mineral content for continuously fruitful plants. It transforms our 3-component bestseller into a customized 2-component fertilizer for plants with special needs.

PermaBloom provides a perfectly balanced mixture of essential and additional minerals that plants like chili peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, beans, melons, and strawberries require.

Just like TriPart, PermaBloom supports flower formation, increases yields, improves taste, and contains the same pH-buffered, high-purity minerals. PermaBloom is designed for hydroponics and is particularly efficient in drip irrigation and automatic watering systems, but it can also be used for cultivation in coconut fiber or soil.

Application of PermaBloom

  • Shake well before use. Terra Aquatica TriPart and PermaBloom are highly concentrated fertilizers: even a maximum dose of 3 ml per 1 liter of water for seedlings or significantly less for soil cultivation is sufficient. Refer to the main fertilization schedule for PermaBloom.
  • Add the components individually to the water one after another and stir well. Rinse the measuring container in between and at the end.
  • For optimal results with the PermaBloom nutrient system, TriPart Micro is available in two water hardness variants: use TriPart Micro for hard water with a calcium content above 70 mg/L, and for lower values, use TriPart Micro for soft water.

PermaBloom is suitable for:

  • TriPart Micro, which is part of our proven TriPart nutrient system and contains a highly concentrated mixture of chelated micronutrients, primary and secondary nutrients, as well as pH stabilizers to maintain the pH level of your nutrient solution at the desired level. TriPart Micro is usually used in combination with two other components. With PermaBloom, you can quickly and easily tailor the performance range of TriPart to continuously fruit-bearing plants. TriPart Micro is available in two variants: for soft water and hard water.
  • The most effective growth accelerator you can give to your plants alongside fertilizer is high-quality fulvic acid. Ours is called Fulvic and is of superior quality.
  • FlashClean is recommended not only during harvest time and in cases of nutrient deficiency caused by overfertilization but also during ideal conditions in the growth phase to keep the substrate healthy and make minerals available.
  • Terra Aquatica TrikoLogic provides beneficial microorganisms to the root area, while TrikoLogic S is particularly used for its protective and yield-enhancing effect at high temperatures.

Package Contents

  • 1x PermaBloom 500ml

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