Pro Organic Bloom, Organic bloom Fertilizer 10L, 5L, 1L, 500ml

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  • Organic full fertilizer from Terra Aquatica
  • Highly concentrated, 100% organic 1-component fertilizer
  • Bio-certified premium fertilizers for soil, coco, hydro, and bioponics

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Pro Organic Bloom, Organic bloom Fertilizer 10L, 5L, 1L, 500ml
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Pro Organic Bloom - Organic 1-Component NPK Flowering Fertilizer from Terra Aquatica

Pro Organic Bloom is a practical and highly efficient solution for both hobbyists and professionals to nourish plants organically.

Pro Organic products are formulated to meet the plant's nutrient requirements in all stages of development - growth, flowering, fruiting. Our formulations, created according to ecological principles, are environmentally friendly and provide balanced, efficient nutrition to plants. Pro Organic feeds microbes that live in symbiosis with your plants, actively contributing to improving the root environment. This provides the necessary nutrients for healthy growth and abundant flowering/fruiting, creating an optimal environment. Pro Organic is suitable for all types of plants and acts as a standalone "complete fertilizer" that enables bountiful yields even without additives in almost any water quality.* Pro Organic is highly soluble and suitable for both automatic drip systems and manual watering. It is also the only fertilizer certified for bioponics (bio-hydroponics with free-floating roots and recirculation). For enhanced performance and greater flexibility in optimizing results, the Terra Aquatica organic range also includes a supplementary line of bio additives. Useful microorganisms required for organic cultivation without good soil quality are also available from us in top-notch quality.

*Note: Additional calcium/magnesium may be necessary for cultivation in soft water or coconut fiber. We recommend Terra Aquatica's Calcium Magnesium Supplement.

Application of Pro Organic

Pro Organic is highly concentrated: 2 ml per liter of water is sufficient for soil or hydroponics.

  • Shake bottles vigorously before use. Add the components to water individually, stir well, and rinse the measuring container after each use.
  • Please note: Pro Organic, like any organic fertilizer, becomes plant-available only after decomposition by microbes. To establish the required colonies, a biofilter must be present in the tank both in the outflow and return flow, which must be operational around the clock especially during the early stages of plant growth.

Biofilters are available at specialized stores. You can also build them yourself by filling a plastic mesh pot (3 - 5 L) with 60% expanded clay and 40% coconut fiber, hanging it over the tank, and allowing water to flow through it constantly. In a GrowStream® System, you can install the self-built filter under the return pipe.

Useful microorganisms require plenty of oxygen for rapid growth. Therefore, do not submerge biofilters in the tank.


  • Terra Aquatica TrikoLogic or TrikoLogic S: Organic cultivation works only when sufficient useful microorganisms are present to supply, protect, and support plants' nutrient needs.
  • The Terra Aquatica product range includes high-quality bio additives for fine-tuning and accelerating growth in conjunction with Pro Organic.
  • All plants and most substrates, hydroponics, bioponics, and outdoor gardens.

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