Silicate | Organic Silicate Powder 1L

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  • Organic universal biostimulant from Terra Aquatica
  • Natural silica powder
  • Application: soil, coco, hydro, bioponics & foliar spray

  • Volumen 1 L

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Silicate | Organic Silicate Powder 1L
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Silicate - natural silicate powder from Terra Aquatica

Silicate is an important element for plants, especially when grown in water as a culture medium. The new pH-neutral silicate consists of ancient deposits of biologically decomposed organic material, as well as silica-rich clay.

Silicate provides a natural form of silicates that penetrate the plant and form a protective shield against diseases and insect attacks. The natural colloids present in Silicate enhance the cation exchange capacity in nutrient solutions, thereby improving nutrient availability for your plants. Silicate contributes to the stabilization of pH and EC values in the nutrient solution, reducing growth stress.

Furthermore, Silicate protects against heavy metal toxicity. Last but not least, Silicate contains over 60 minerals that contribute to the healthy growth of your plants.

Our new Silicate comes from ancient deposits and is similar to our previous formulation but has some additional advantages:

  • It is richer in silicates.
  • The particle size is finer, allowing for better solubility of the silicates.
  • It incorporates more carbonates for better pH stability.
  • It provides calcium to the plant.

Application of Silicate

  • Distribute 1 teaspoon of Silicate around each plant (approximately 4 g).
  • In a nutrient solution: 4 g/10 L.
  • Directly on the leaves: 10 to 50 g/m² or 4 g/10 L of water as a foliar spray.

Suitable for


Silicate works synergistically with our products. However, we recommend applying it only in the leaf area or around the plant collar while simultaneously using beneficial microorganisms (TrikoLogic or TrikoLogic S) to avoid slowing down the development of beneficial colonies in the substrate.

In outdoor cultivation, on the other hand, Silicate stimulates the growth of beneficial microorganisms and helps create healthy plants in a natural environment.

Package Contents

  • 1x Silicate 1L

Sicherheitsdatenblatt: Silicate

Sicherheitsdatenblatt: Silicate

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