BioTabs Mycotrex

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  • Organic Soil Conditioner
  • Mixture of 9 endomycorrhizal spore species
  • Contains beneficial rhizobacteria, seaweed meal, and humic acids
  • Increases root capacity by up to 700%
  • Improves water and mineral absorption from the soil, thus increasing the growth rate
  • 100% organic

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biotabs mycotrex
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BioTabs Mycotrex - Organic Soil Amendment

Mycorrhizal fungi are a type of beneficial soil fungi that form a symbiotic relationship with plants. They expand the root's effective area by growing alongside them in symbiosis. They essentially act as an additional form of extra root mycelium, which can lead to an increase in root absorption capacity of up to 700%. You can imagine what a 7-fold increase in root surface area means for the health and growth rate of your plants. They will be able to absorb water and nutrients more easily and convert them faster, resulting in healthier and faster growth.

  • For use with soil or coconut coir
  • Add 5 level "teaspoons" (5 grams) to the planting hole.
  • For pots or in-ground
  • For indoor or outdoor cultivation
  • For use with all types of flowers, vegetables, herbs, as well as plants, trees, and shrubs

Mycotrex is the most concentrated mycorrhiza product available on the market to our knowledge.

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