Merlin 400 Starter Set, Oil Extractor

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  • Computer-controlled alcohol extractor for herbs
  • Starter kit with everything you need to get started!
  • Extract 20-40 grams of herbs
  • Extract up to 95% of soluble ingredients
  • 3D printed in Denmark
  • Extraction agent: Isopropanol 99.9% (Alcohol)
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Merlin 400 Starter Set, Oil Extractor
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Merlin 400 Starter Set from DRIZZLE

The Merlin 400 from DRIZZLE is the world's first fully automated kitchen appliance for oil extraction from herbs, allowing you to create full-spectrum oil for vaping, eating, or smoking in your kitchen after harvest. Merlin 400 can extract 20-40 grams of herbs and completes the extraction in about 2 hours. The extraction process is consistent from run to run, and you can produce oil with the same ratio of ingredients.
For the nerds and perfectionists: The extraction parameters of Merlin 400 can be changed. This allows for highly pure and very clear extracts to be obtained.

Main Features of Merlin 400

  • Programmable automatic oil extraction
  • Vacuum distillation
  • Optional decarboxylation of the extract
  • Heating program for liquefying the oil for bottling

Extraction Efficiency

Up to 95% of the soluble ingredients are extracted from your plant material, depending on plant quality, solvent, and extraction settings.

Do terpenes remain in the oil extraction with Merlin 400?

Yes, Merlin 400 extracts the entire terpene profile of the plant and retains it in the final product due to the gentle vacuum distillation of the solvent. The extraction parameters are optimally set but can also be adjusted individually if needed.

Which plant material can be extracted with Merlin 400?

  • Buds and flowers
  • Trim
  • Material with seeds
  • Industrial flowers

Condition after extraction

1. Non-decarboxylated

  • Distillation temperature: < 45 degrees Celsius
  • Pressure during distillation: < 200 mbar

2. Built-in optional decarboxylation program.

3. Heating program for oil to optimize bottling

Over 70% of the used isopropanol is recovered. One liter of Isoprop 99.9% is sufficient for about 8-15 extractions. 

Contents of the Starter Kit The Merlin 400 Starter Kit

The set contains everything you need to start making oil immediately.

  • 1x Merlin 400
  • 1x Liter of pharmaceutical-grade Isopropanol*
  • 20x custom filters
  • 1x flask
  • 1x funnel
  • 5x pipettes
  • 1x 2ml pipette bottle
  • 1x 10ml pipette bottle
  • 1x herb tube
  • 1x filter holder
  • 1x tube holder
  • 1x oil glass
  • 20x glass beads
  • 2x valve balls

Isopropanol / Bulk CG Isopropanol

Sicherheit von Isopropanol (Englisch)

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