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  • Professional disinfectant for gardeners
  • Applications: greenhouses, indoor air, garden tools, propagation stations, inert substrates, and hydroponic systems
  • Enables plant growth according to VPD tables with minimized mold and infection risk
  • Unleash the full potential of your plant genetics!

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What is Purolyt?

Purolyt disinfectant concentrate has been specifically developed for gardeners to keep greenhouses, indoor air, gardening tools, propagators, inert substrates, hydroponic systems, and nutrient solutions free from unwanted microorganisms and biofilms.

The GAMECHANGER Purolyt opens up new possibilities for plant cultivation according to VPD tables, as plants can be grown in a clean environment even at high temperature and humidity. Finally, the full potential of plant genetics can be realized.

Application of Purolyt

For the disinfection of surfaces in greenhouses and agriculture, Purolyt can be used in diluted form with the following methods:

  • Spraying
  • Cold fogging
  • Wipe disinfection
  • Immersion

For the disinfection of water and nutrient solutions, Purolyt can be added directly. Since plant pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses are spread through irrigation water, clean and germ-free water is essential in hydroponic systems.

Important Application Notes

  • Use the prepared dilution as soon as possible, but within 48 hours at the latest. Store in a tightly sealed container and protect from UV light.
  • For spraying/fogging, always use purified water (e.g., distilled water, RO water, or deionized water). We recommend commercial spray equipment with a minimum of 3 bar.
  • If plants are grown under artificial light, spraying/fogging should be done just before or during the photoperiod, but always with production lighting turned off.
  • The production lighting must remain off for 20-30 minutes after spraying. To maintain plants in the photoperiod during this time, a 4-watt LED per 3 m² is sufficient.

Applications of Purolyt

Proactively implemented hygiene measures in plant cultivation reduce the infection pressure, resulting in fewer pesticide applications and increased chances of biological pest control success.

Effect of Purolyt

Purolyt rapidly and reliably destroys harmful bacteria, fungi, and algae. Proper use ensures a safe environment for plant cultivation.

Biofilms in water-carrying systems are also effectively removed and their formation prevented.

Mechanism of Action

Purolyt employs a similar mechanism of action as the human body to combat bacteria and viruses:
When the immune system detects a virus, white blood cells are activated. These produce hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which is also the active ingredient in Purolyt. It is scientifically confirmed that HOCl exhibits extremely efficient disinfecting properties.

Advantages of Purolyt

  • Creates a safe environment for consistent and successful production.
  • Enables the creation of favorable climatic conditions in which beneficial organisms can thrive, while pests are nearly absent.
  • Reduces downtime and saves labor hours.

Special Features

  1. Leaves no harmful residues, as the active components revert to water and trace minerals.
  2. Due to Purolyt's mechanism of action, resistance development in microorganisms is not possible.
  3. Free from chemical additives such as surfactants, phosphates, alcohols, formaldehyde, silver ions, fragrances, or dyes.

How is Purolyt Manufactured?

Manufacturing is done resource-efficiently in an electrochemical process using water + salt + electricity. Nothing else!

Available as:

  • 250ml bottle
  • 500ml bottle
  • 1000ml bottle
  • 5L canister

Developed and produced in Germany. More information at: www.purolyt.de

Use disinfectants cautiously. Always read the label and product information before use.


Handout: Hygienemanagment im Gartenbau

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