Urtimax, Organic Nettle Liquid Manure 5L, 1L, 500ml

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  • Organic universal biostimulant
  • Pure nettle slurry
  • Strengthens plant and immune system
  • Helps with leaf chlorosis and mineral deficiency
  • Application: Soil, Coco, Hydro, Bioponic & Spray

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urtimax brenneseljauche dünger terra aquatica t.a.
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Urtimax - Pure Nettle Brew

Whether it's combating chlorosis, providing organic silica, general strengthening, or targeted disease defense: Urtimax is a biological panacea.

Urtimax supports plant growth, addresses leaf chlorosis and mineral deficiency, and enhances resistance against diseases. Urtimax is a premium nettle brew. Gardeners have been using this natural remedy for centuries, if not millennia. Urtimax® is produced by fermenting nettles in water. It protects and nourishes plants optimally.

Nettles contain exceptionally high levels of silica and iron, ample nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, micro and trace elements, as well as enzymes. They fortify the plant's immune system, similar to kelp, and notably boost its resilience against pests and diseases.


Either diluted as a foliar spray or added to water or nutrient solution. During the growth and early flowering phases, or as needed.

  • Solution: 30 ml per liter
  • Foliar Spray: 20 ml per liter

Suitable for

  • All plants, fertilizers and substrates, hydroponic and outdoor gardens.
  • Particularly effective as a natural remedy against chlorosis.

Düngeschema Terra Aquatica

Sicherheitsdatenblatt: T.A. Urtrimax

Manufacturer: Terra Aquatica (GHE)
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