Oscillating Clip fan GHP 20W B-Ware, 3 Mounting Options

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  • B-Stock Fan
  • These fans are refurbished. They have scratches on the plastic casing, see pictures.
  • BUT: They are equipped with the latest motor and mechanics and come with a full warranty!
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Oscillating Clip fan GHP 20W B-Ware, 3 Mounting Options
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Oscillating Clip Fan "Profan" by Garden Highpro

B-Stock: Please note the images. The oscillating clip fans have scratches on the housing. But the motors and mechanics are completely new (Version 2.0), and the full GHP warranty applies. A bargain you shouldn't miss.

The Profan fan from GHP brings fresh air to every corner of your grow tent. It's powerful enough to ensure constant air movement in grow boxes up to 150x150cm.

We've been searching for an oscillating clip fan that meets our requirements for years. The mechanics of oscillation have always been prone to issues. High failure rates were common. Garden Highpro has succeeded and completely convinced us with this improved 2nd version. The first version had an inferior joint that often broke. This completely overhauled 2nd generation has received a new joint for oscillation. It's much more stable and smoother-running. This new version of the swivel fan has a very low return rate.

As long as you keep one important thing in mind => Do not mount this fan upside down, as it can damage the mechanism.

Good air circulation is important for various reasons. It ensures that every leaf has fresh air with enough CO2 at all times. The humidity released by the plants is also quickly distributed in the room air. The temperature becomes more even throughout the space. The movement also strengthens the stems and branches of the plants.

What is an Oscillating Clip Fan?

An oscillating clip fan is a special type of clip fan. Unlike a regular clip fan that blows in only one direction, an oscillating clip fan moves back and forth to achieve a more even distribution of air in the room. A clip fan is a portable fan that can be attached to the edge of a tabletop or shelf. It typically has a clip or clamp for secure attachment. This GHP clip fan also has a clamp for attaching the fan to the poles of your grow box.

Advantages of the Oscillating Fan

An oscillating fan has several advantages over a regular clip fan. Firstly, the oscillating movement ensures that the air is distributed more evenly in the room. This leads to better cooling, especially in larger spaces. They are particularly suitable for use in tight spaces or places where there's no room for a standing fan.

Areas of Application for the Oscillating Clip Fan

Oscillating clip fans are suitable for a variety of applications, such as bedrooms, offices, living rooms, kitchens, and even outdoors. Additionally, they are well-suited for plant cultivation in grow boxes to create optimal gas exchange.

Product Information

  • Housing: 25 cm in diameter
  • 2 speeds
  • Durable copper motor with 20 watts power consumption
  • Mounting system for poles up to 3 cm in diameter (pole clip)
  • Optionally mountable: strong clip for universal attachment
  • Fan can also be used as a pedestal fan (clip functions as a stable base)
  • 360° rotating front & 90° swiveling base
  • 2,100 revolutions per minute
  • Approximately 305 m3/h

Package Contents

  • Oscillating Clip Fan Profan from Garden Highpro
  • 2 different mounting systems = 3 setup variations (pedestal, clip, and pole mounting)

Produktvideo von Garden Highpro

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Manufacturer: Garden Highpro
SKU: GH-V-231-EU-B
GTIN: 8436554762316
Geeignet für‍: Home GrowIndoor Grow
Shipping weight‍: 1,62 kg
Item weight‍: 1,46 kg



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Super Artikel

>Anonym., 05.07.2022
5 from 5 Macht guten Wind!!

Der Ventilator ist leise ,macht guten Wind ! Ein sehr guter und vorallem leiser Ventilator, sehr guter Halt der Stangenklemme. Kann auch mit der mitgelieferten Halterung als Tischventilator benutzt werden. Ein Preisgünstiger, am wichtigsten, oszillierender Ventilator, der die Luft super verteilt dank der 90° Schwenkung und rotierenden Gitter.

>Anonym., 06.09.2022
5 from 5 Sogar mit Standfuß

Ich hatte garnicht damit gerechnet, dass dieser Ventilator auch einen Standfuß hat. Der Clip ist so konzipiert, dass der Venti darauf auch sehr stabil stehen kann. Ich habe mir daraufhin einen zweiten gekauft, der jetzt im Sommer bei mir am Schreibtisch steht. Super Ventilatoren, ich kann sie nur weiter empfehlen. :) Und die kleine Belohnung für die Bewertungen finde ich auch super. Da bewertet man doch gleich doppelt gerne.

>Hasi., 05.07.2022
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