SANlight EVO

SANlight EVO Series: Maximum Flexibility and High System Efficiency

The SANlight EVO series represents maximum flexibility and high system efficiency in the world of LED plant lights. Each model in the SANlight EVO series is tailored to a specific lighting area, ensuring a homogeneous light distribution and high light intensity in your grow box. This ensures optimal illumination for each plant, and you can upgrade your lighting system with additional LEDs at any time.

Performance Spectrum of the SANlight EVO Series

The SANlight EVO series includes various models with different performance values:

With individual height adjustments of your EVO LED, you can compensate for different plant growth heights. This advantage clearly sets the SANlight EVO series apart from LED lamps that consist of a single large unit. SANlight remains true to its high quality standards and guarantees only a 10% light output degradation over a usage period of 90,000 hours. The protective and easy-to-clean secondary optics ensure that the LEDs do not lose their luminosity due to chemicals and dirt.

Product Information on the SANlight EVO Series

The SANlight EVO Series stands out for the following features:

  • Efficiency: >3 µmol/J
  • Applications: Grow boxes, multi-tier cultivation, and commercial grow rooms
  • Waterproof and dust protection: IP65
  • Operating hours: 90% light output after 90,000 hours
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Passive cooling
  • Warranty: 3 years

Advantages of the SANlight EVO Series

  1. Perfect light direction and protection of the LED modules
  2. Passive cooling of the lighting
  3. Highest efficiency and robust chip technology
  4. Daisy Chain option for all SANlight EVO LEDs

FAQ on the Wiring of the SANlight EVO Series

Why is there no connection cable included with the SANlight EVO Series?

The SANlight EVO series is designed as a professional lighting system that is used in both commercial horticulture and by hobby growers. The wiring of the system depends on the size and condition of your indoor garden. In order to ensure optimal and safe wiring while simultaneously conserving valuable resources, SANlight has decided not to include the connection cable as standard. This gives you the opportunity to customize the wiring of your SANlight EVO series according to your needs, using the professional IP65 protected connector system from SANlight.

How safe is the wiring of the SANlight EVO Series?

Safety is SANlight's top priority. Cultivating plants often involves the use of water and chemicals, which can cause problems in combination with electric current. Therefore, all cables of the SANlight EVO series are IP65 protected. This provides you with maximum safety, especially on the power-carrying connection side, i.e., on the mains side.

How flexible is the wiring of the SANlight EVO Series?

SANlight offers connection cables for direct connection of the light to the socket, H-distributors, and various extension cables for Daisy Chaining. This way, you can perfectly adapt the wiring of your SANlight EVO series to your setup and ensure that each plant in your indoor garden is optimally illuminated.