Creeper net | SCROG Net | Pronet | 60x60cm to 120x120cm

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  • Trellis support for plants such as climbing plants, tomatoes, cucumbers, or our favorite plants
  • Trellis net for cultivation areas ranging from 60x60cm to 120x120cm in grow boxes, balconies, and gardens
  • Ideal as a SCROG net for "Sea of Green" in indoor grow rooms
  • Increases yield, plant-friendly, and weather-resistant
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Creeper net | SCROG Net | Pronet | 60x60cm to 120x120cm
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Elastic Trellis Net "Pronet" for Grow Boxes, Balconies, and Gardens by Garden Highpro (60x60cm - 120x120cm)

Elastic trellis net with perfect mesh size and 36 sections. The black support net can be flexibly stretched over cultivation areas ranging from 60x60cm to 120x120cm using the hooks in the corners of the trellis. It is ideal for grow boxes, as well as balconies and small garden areas. Climbing plants, tomatoes, beans, or cucumbers, in particular, require a support net to grow optimally and achieve maximum yields.

In indoor gardening using plant tents, trellis nets are used to optimize the small spaces. The plant stems are guided along the trellis grids, redirecting vertical growth into lateral growth of the plants. This allows the plants to efficiently utilize light and increases the harvest. Additionally, it prevents the bending of stems with heavy flowers, keeping them closer to the light source until harvest.

What advantages does a trellis net offer?

  • The plant net serves as a support and stabilization for the plants.
  • Optimizes air circulation within the plant and enhances the efficient utilization of sunlight, which can increase yields.
  • Applications can include gardens, greenhouses, grow tents, seedling tents, balconies, and terraces.
  • The generous mesh size allows the plant stems to grow through without cutting the flowers or fruits later on, making harvest easier.
  • Highly suitable as a support for "Sea of Green" and maximizing yields.
  • It can be used as a drying aid after harvest.
  • The elastic synthetic fiber coating is plant-friendly and weather-resistant.
  • With the help of the hooks, the trellis net can be stretched over plant beds, providing strong support.
  • Gardeners, florists, hobbyists, and farmers rely on trellis supports.

Package Contents

  • 1x Trellis Net "Pronet" (60x60cm to 120x120cm)
Manufacturer: Garden Highpro
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GTIN: 8436554760909
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